Temp of eggs


8 Years
Dec 25, 2011
So, i'm just about ready to set my eggs in my home made incubator (still air). I've been playing around with it for a few days trying to get the temp and humidity right and I think I am there. I have a Raytek minitemp heat gun that is +-1.5 degrees accurate, I have put in a few store bought eggs to test, and it is reading 101 at the top of the egg (laying on their side). Is that alright? If it is 1.5 off by chance and they are actually about 102.5 would that cook them?
Also, when the chicks are forming in the egg, do they give off heat and raise the overall temp, meaning that I would have to lower the temp/open more vents etc?


9 Years
May 14, 2011
Fallbrook CA
If you leave them at 102.5 it will probably cook them. if it gets at 102 for a little while they'll be ok but it they stay that temp through the whole incubation I'm pretty sure they will die. I've heard with still air you do want them a little higher temp than with forced air. so around 101 or 100 should be ok. I would aim for more around 100 though.

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