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8 Years
Mar 29, 2011
In my homemade fish tank incubator, the tempature reads 95 degrees Fahreinheit and the Humidity is 39. Is this a good humidity and tempature for hatching eggs? I have been struggling to get the temp and humidity right. I have a fan in my incubator right now and it seemed to be bringing the tempature down. It was hooked up so it was blowing across the 'bator (right under the light source, which is on top of the 'bator). Well, today I hooked up the fan to a speed control and made it blow so that it was pointing down ward. I have been adjusting the fan all day. The bottom of my 'bator is tinfoil with water ontop. I *finally* got the humidity up by adding a sponge and some more water and tinfoil closer to the light source. So anyway, how is 95 degrees and 39% humidity for hatching eggs?

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8 Years
Jan 4, 2012
Washougal, WA
think 95 might be too cold, the proper temp range is 99.5-103, iv heard you can expect 1 day hatch delay for every 1 degree f below 99.5. but is better too cold than too hot... humidity should be about 50%-60% but i heard 10-15% difference wont hurt

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