Temperatures outside dropping

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by minksroost, Jan 21, 2013.

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    Dec 27, 2012
    Richmond, Virginia
    Hello - first winter with chickens. I have two other posts going as well. I only have 3 chickens. Hoped for hens but 2 are roos. The one hen we rescued from a parking lot. anyway so it's supposed to get down into the teens this week at night. We have a large chicken coop about 10x10 and 10 ft ceiling. Top roost is pretty high and that's where they stay. I worry already about the cold and the coldest it's been is 21 at night. I've read a few posts about infrared lamps to warm the coop. I know it's not good to have a large temp difference between coop and outside but I think it's reasonable to keep the coop above freezing. Someone wrote that they kept the lamp on for 3 hours during the day (afternoon) and turned off before roosting and it kept the coop above freezing for the night. I've also read that folks are leaving the lamps on all night. I thought the lamps would disturb their roosting time as they do produce a light that the roosters can see. Am I way off base here? Our coop is insulated and has siding as well. Any other suggestions for keeping the coop above freezing. We plan to get more chickens but would like to wait until spring. That's refers to my other post about having 2 roos and 1 hen. thoughts?
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    I'm a novice myself, but this is my second winter with chickens. My opinion is the more we pamper our chickens (heat lamps, etc), the more they depend on us for their survival. I don't like the idea of this. Leave the chickens to their own ways of dealing with things, and they'll be fine. As long as you've given them a place to get out of the wind & rain/snow, your job is done - my two cents.

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