Tenative List for eggs and chicks available in 2009

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    Oct 9, 2008
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    I will update this as needed. Taking orders for both eggs and chicks.

    Large Fowl:

    Polish- Golden Laced


    Polish- Cuckoo (smooth and frizzled), Calico (have no other name for it white with black and red spots not a show color)

    Cochins- Black Mottled- smooth and frizzled, Black- smooth and frizzled, also assorted (have a pen with birchen, partridge, blue, and black hens with a black roo)

    Bramas- Buff

    Silkies- Red, Lavender, Black, White, Partridge, pink porceleans by late 2009

    Seramas- smooth and frizzled

    Japanese- Black, Black Frizzle, Black Mottled, Blue Mottled, Mottled frizzles, Blue Silver

    Pheonix- Silver (out of hatchery stock)

    Ameracunas- not being color bred so I guess they are classified as EE's, have a Lavender colored hen in the bunch.

    Chocolate Call Ducks

    Blue Standard size ducks, mix bred but all blue

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