Terramycin and Tylon 50 combined?

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    Aug 24, 2010
    My husband and I are new to the world of backyard chickens. We got 5 pet hens a year ago and are very happy, but at times a little lost.
    Lola, our Silverlace and the smallest of the flock has had a prolapsed uterus, which we manage to take care of with the help from sites such as this one; is for the past 2 weeks sneezing and has at times looks like wet (running clear) nostrils. After a lot of reading and unfortunatly no help from my vet
    (doesn't treat farm animals) we started all the girls (yesterday) with Terramycin in their water while we wait for the Tylan 50 injectable to get in the mail. I know we should isolate the sick chicken, but unfortunatley for lack of space that is not possible at this time. Should i continue the Terramycin in their water for the next 10 days and then see if i need to inject the sick hen? Or should i start Lola with the injectable Tylan and stop the Terramycin altogether before the 10 days are up? Can Terramycin and Tylan 50 injectable be combined? We plan on injecting only the hen with the symptoms.
    Appreciate any and all input in the matter. I understand Lola will always be a smaller weaker bird, but we would prefer to keep her.

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