Terrified after work


13 Years
Jul 10, 2010
Stonington, illinois
I came home from work today just like any other day. Went out to check on the chickens with DD. Right now I have to broodies, as we went into one coop, DD heard a noise behind the wall. She looked behind and my Cinnamon Queen was stuck behind it. I had no idea how long the poor thing was in there but after taking the wall apart we got her out. She couldnt walk and one wing was kind of stuck up. Guess the position she was in behind the wall. So we take her in and started to assess her injuries. She couldnt keep her balance and would fall over sideways. Nothing looked broken no swelling so I figured she must be really cramped up. She had poo on her so we gave her a warm bath and wrapped her up gave her plenty to drink plus I added Poly-vi-sol in her water. Scrambled her and egg which she greedily ate. Now she is in the hospital cage. A few minutes ago she stood up, not very long but she actually stood up and didnt fall over. She is eating and drinking like a pig. Then after I get her settled I got to check on the broodies. I make them leave the nest every afternoon to eat and drink. Well as I am candleing the eggs I notice she has craked one. It is alive and moving so I put candle wax on it. I dont know if that one will make it they are not due to hatch til Sept 12th but I had to try.After that I was ready to go back to work. Less stressful there
Whoo, it's so true! Chicken husbandry IS really stressful. There's always something happening. I hope the one who got stuck behind the wall gets better soon.
Thank you. She is already doing better. I think she will be fine. We took the wall out so no one else can get stuck like that. I am just so glad my daughter heard her. We figure she was in there at least 2 hours. Also I am glad its cool here today. She probably wouldnt have made it had it been hot like most of our summer has been.

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