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    So, we went to the fair in our county on Friday night. We dodnt usually go, just because we perfer the Fair in the neighboring county, which starts on June 30th. So, I was really upset that for this REALLY agricultural farm region, there were 4 kinds of chickens, 1 duck, and 2 chinese geese at the ENTIRE fair... really? So I decided that for the fair we go to, I am entering some of my brids! This isr eally short notice, and I was reading the rules this morning and there is some sort of "pullerum/typhoid" testing that has to be done within 90 days of entry. So, how do I get that done and CAN I get that done in 2 days? They also state that a vet will be on hand to examine the birds at time of entry, is this a test he can do on the spot? I guess its my own fault, for waiting so long, but I didnt know that they were going to NEED chicken entries till Friday when I got to see firsthand the pathetic representation poultry gets!
  2. Its something that has to be done before, the vet there can not do it...I doubt you'll be able to enter them because I have no idea how long the tests can take for typhoid and pullorum, but I know a preliminary for pullorum only takes a couple minutes I have no idea if they use the quick test or not when it comes to exhibiting...and I have no idea for sure on typhoid.

    Hope someone who shows will come along and let you know about testing and expectations and such. ;)Good luck!
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    Thanks [​IMG]
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    pullerum is typical for local fairs round here.
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    The reason I won't exhibit birds at the fairs anymore is because you have to leave your birds there for just about a week straight. Personally I don't like my birds locked in a lil bantam show coop that is 1x1' for a week. Our fair is at the end of August and its always 90+. No fans, no mistors, and an aluminum building gets hot! You have everybody and their dog with their fingers poking at your birds. Totally no respect for your property at all. Better put locks on all the cages and somehow staple those show coops down. The 4-H kids aren't so bad. Its all the people that come for the Carnie rides at night that tend to rearrange or take things. The stress, heat, germs, etc usually mean for sick birds by the time you bring them home. Daycare day is an absolute nightmare. Providers each bring 10+ kids and they all have their hands in all the cages pulling out feathers. If you can sit down there from 6am when the doors open til 11pm when they lockup to watch your birds, go for it.

    As for the PT testing, feel free to PM me for more info. My mom and brother are state certified testors. The test itself is a simple prick for a drop of blood and takes less than 5 minutes. Its the same test you need on your birds to take them to swaps. If you call the MPTL, they can probably give you the number of a testor closer to you.
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    I am a p/t tester for my state.I dont think the test will have to be done 90 days before the fair.The certificates you will be issued when you have your birds tested are good for 90 days.The test only takes a couple minutes and you will be given the 90 day certificate at that time.And the test is for pollurum and typhoid so that is all there is to it.It's really no big deal.

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