Tethering dogs,..in the country???

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    My dogs are both indoor dogs - and as for clothes - here is last years Halloween Costume:



    If my dog is in the front yard - yes she is tied - she is a runner - but she is only tied if we are out there also. We have the back acre fenced and we have underground fencing to make sure she does not get out. IMO I would rather see a dog in a kennel than chained out.
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    I understand what you're saying. I have an outside dog and everyone makes me feel bad about it. people think it's cruel to have an outside dog. I don't get it, people have outside cats, chickens, goats, cows,horses. But for some reason dogs outside are bad. My outside dog is in a kennel. She is a crazy coonhound, I tried to bring her inside when I first got her It was impossible. She had been an outside dog her whole life and when I brought her in she howled all night and day. I took her back outside and she was fine. I also have an inside dog (a basset hound) and when the weather permits I leave him teathered on a chain outside all day. He has food and water and a dog house for shade. I bring him back inside at night. I can't afford to fence in my yard right now but I plan to in the future. Until then I see nothing wrong with putting him out on the chain. If I were to just let him out to run free he will run straight into the road every time. As far as predators we don't have anything big like mountain lions or bears here that would eat him. Anything smaller than him he would eat. Outside dogs also help keep chickens safe with all the barking. Bottom line- do what you want don't let people get to you, many people have outside dogs.
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    The being shot thing is why these two dogs in particular are tied. They do not like to stay at home, they like to roam. We have no neighbors with livestock close by, but these two dogs will travel for miles. I have lived here all my life,..I have had lots of dogs that come up missing, either being stolen or being shot or God knows what, because I did not take the measures of keeping them safe. I do now, these dogs have been closely protected, that is the only reason why they are still here. They would be better off in a fenced in area or a kennel, BUT as I said before, neither one of these two can be succesfully kenneled. They always break out, hence why they are chained. I am surprised at the differences in opinions on the subject. I am glad to know there is others who share my opinions of it all.
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    I'm all for fences. Keeps your dogs in and others dogs out. And I would only tie a dog up under an extreme circumstance. IMO I will never understand why people get dogs that will spend time in the yard when it's not fenced. I've read several posts saying "my new dog is tearing up the house and we need to build a fence and don't have the money too". And I just sit here and think "why did you get a dog when you didn't have a fenced yard in the first place". The first thing we did when we bought our house was fence it so the dogs could have a yard. They are outside only dogs. We also built them the Taj Majal of dog houses.

    We've had a few sets of neighbors that had huge dogs and a 4 foot fence that they could easily hop and did on several occasions. They all moved because none of the neighbors would stand for it and they all got fined by the city.
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    Quote:The only one I have tied is on a 100 ft rope which pretty much gives him the run of about a half an acre. The other dogs take up the rest of the yard. One of those just here a few weeks ago, managed to chew trough a kennel about 10 times. ( we only had her in their with her puppies) which didn't work. I dont like to see dogs tied expecaially on really short chains in the heat with no shade, or the winer with no shelter. Belive me I've had enough rounds with my In laws for a rotty they had tied way out from the house in the woods only seen someone when they took it food and water and got bred ever heat she came in. She finally died I know from cancer from all the puppies she had. But I understand in some cases dogs may need to be confined and it should be up to the owner on whether they can have a more happy life tied or kenneled. In my situation tied was better.
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    Forgot to mention also I didn't get my dog, he show'd up at my house and I decided to keep him and for 2 years he ran loose to do as he pleased, he staid home, its when we had to start goinin a few times weekly to get him and bring him back home is when I decided to confine him, too me the half acre run on a rope was better than a small kennel. We had thought about getting him a collar for the wireless fence but him and another one of our dogs DO NOT like each other so thats not an option. If I felt like he could get a better home I would let some one have him but I know how he is and if you dont keep a close eye on him he's gone. I'm afraid someone else would tie him on a short leash or be put in a small kennel once they figured out he was goin to take off.
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    I have an 3 outside dogs love them alot and would love to have them in the house but they prefer to be outside.If I didnt have a large fenced backyard, I personally would never chain my dogs up or put them in small kennels if I had to do that I would find them new homes thats just me and my belief. They are trying to pass the chain law in our area it is not exactly like the one you described and I agree with it. It states that they can still have the dog tied up but they have to be on a runner with adequate water food and clean area. I think it is mainly for people like my parents renters who leave a 80 lb rott. tied up on a 5 foot section of chain and throw them food every once in a while. [​IMG] And before someone asks how I know he never takes them for exercise, he has told me before that they dont need exercise because they wont walk on a leash and he dont have time for that. [​IMG]
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    I have twice "rescued" someone's JRT who escaped the line they had him tied to.
    I only knew where to return him because his collar had a vet's tag on it. Called the vet's office and got the owner's address.

    Owners live about 1/4 mile down the road from me and weren't home either time I brought their dog back.
    Both times I left a note (with my ph#) saying they might think about finding a more secure way to leave him tied out.
    No Thank You from them either time.
    If he shows up again, I'm sorry to say the road can have him.
    Some people shouldn't have dogs.
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    Quote:Try a bit of checkbook therapy...

    Call animal control... Thank you will happen by the receptionist at the pound when she takes their check - plus the dog will be safe
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    around here your dog has to be either fenced in or tied. I know adoption agencies want the dogs fenced or in the house but I dont see anything wrong with tied dogs. When I was growing up they ran free on the farm, now you will get a fine for it. They were outside dogs, not little house dogs, they had an insulated coop and did just fine year round. I have a line that runs from the front porch to a tree in the yard so my dog has shade, water and a pretty good place to run and she is with us when he are out. We would put her on there if she wanted out, later at night when she just wants to potty she goes out and comes right back. I wouldnt leave here out there at night of if we werent home but I dont see anything wrong with it. Personally I couldnt afford a chain link run that a beagle couldnt dig under.
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