Tethering dogs,..in the country???

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    For those of you familar with the anti tie law....or whatever it's called. What is a person supposed to do about the fence climbers and diggers?
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    well I guess they would expect you wither to keep the dog in the house of put a bottom and a top on your run... I cant imagine what else you could do even if you wanted to...
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    Nov 25, 2008
    Quote:I love my tons too, that is why I try my best to protect them. My girl dog, Precious, she is 12 yrs old, soon to be 13. My DH was working in a garage in town and she just kinda wandered in and made herself at home. She was just a few weeks old, his boss called the humane society and they came to pick her up. The lady who came to pick her up told my DH if he adopted her, she would pay for her spaying and all her shots. Well a few weeks passed and my DH brought her home. I never knew about her till then, she was a birthday present for me. She always had free roam of the property until she was spotted chasing deer. The threats were made and they got back to me that she would be shot if she wasnt contained. So she has been tethered since.She would not stay in a kennel, she would jump out. She comes in the house sometimes, she doesnt like it in here, but its her social time. She is right next to my porch and she always gets her daily doses of lovin and walks. I wish I could let her go and be free to run, but I love her too much to let her get killed. The same goes for Sammy, his is the other dog I have to have tethered. I found him on the internet by accident. My DH had just lost his dog (probably shot) never to be seen again. We loved that old dog, he was a cross between chow/black lab. So anyway I seen Sammy on the internet at some rescue center a good ways from here, he also is a lab/chow mix. To make a long story short, I ended up with him, but he was so sick, close to deaths door. I rushed him to my vet and he was kept for a few days. He finally recovered. I got so attached to him while he was sick. He was okay for awhile then he started running around. He kept going farther and farther, plus he was in on running the deer. After many attempts at keeping him home, I had to tether him also. He couldnt be kenneled, he likes to chew on chain link fence. I love both of them soooo much,..but to unfair circumstances, they are tethered. Even though we have too many deer and they eat peoples gardens and run out in front of people in their cars and cause wrecks,...people are still willing to end a pets life over a stupid deer. Sorry [​IMG]

    It's amazing how they create such warmth in our hearts. I had a chow mix - he was THE WORLD's BEST DOG. He got out of the fence and got hit by a car - I was devistated and the dogs I have now will not see the same fate - they get tied up. But like your dogs, they get plenty of love and play time. (but I do let mine in the house, they love it)

    Also, I wouldn't blame anyone for shooting our German Shepard, she has a strong prey drive and will chase anything that moves - so for her own good - I have to tie her up.
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    The majority of the time our dogs roam free on our property. Our dogs go on chains...well runners...a chain attached to a lengthy run...during hunting season and when they are being bothersome to us, or when we have company outside. It is not cruel. They have water, food, room and they don't get mean, aggressive or anything of the sort.
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  5. Glad I live where I live... In the mushing capital of the world! Can you imagine trying to kennel up to 300 dogs on one property?? That cost would be outrageous! and each dog would have less space than a chain could afford!

    The sled dogs are tied on a chain, with a post next to them that usualy has a swivel for the chain to not get tied around the post. The money is spent on the dog houses. Gotta have insulated dog houses up here!

    I don't personally leave my dogs on a chain in the dead of winter, I have short haired dogs, they would freeze to death! But, I do keep them on a chain in the summer, with fresh water and shelter available should they choose to use it. Yep, they get tied up around stumps and other trees, and their doghouses, but that's why you unwind them. My dogs both know the "go around" command and which direction to go based on which way you're pointing. Dog's aren't dumb!

    I can't let my dogs be in a kennel, one climbs fences, the other digs. The cost to bury cattle panels and then top the kennel is too high so my dogs get the freedom of being outside in the sun instead of locked up in the house all day.
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    I havnt read through all the posts but I just wanted to say that we have 10 acres ...5 acres pasture and 2 acres woods and 3 arcres our house yard...We have a golden Retreiver and a Black Lab...the Golden we trained on a underground electric fence because before this he started to wander to the neighbours and the black Lab is too lazy to go too far and both come on command...For us the electric fencing has done wonders....it took alot of patients and training but we have had no mishaps...sometimes he doesnt even have his collar on...our neighbours across the road have dobermans more acres trained the same way...our dogs come inside at night ...the neighbours have a little luxury cabin...okay dog house set up for their dogs with a kennel if they ever have to be contained...
    Having family over with their dogs from the city and not wanting them to get "dirty" in the pond or manure pile...they have tied them to trees and usually they end up getting tied around the tree or rope themselves if were not watching ...
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    If they ban tethering they better pay for kennels

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