Tetra Tint chicks at TSC


10 Years
Jun 27, 2009
Wyoming, New York
Anyone ever heard of a chicken called Tetra Tint? We were at Tractor Supply and they had these as an egg producer. We looked on-line and couldn't find them - they are not on feather-site. My guess is that they are a specific hybrid by someone, similar to a golden comet or red-star. They are light yellow with white. Almost like a leghorn color at first.
They're a Hybrid. There's been a rising number of threads within the last week or two asking about them now.
Since this is where I came back in March to ask the same question - what's a tetra tint (I've been a lurker for years), I finally joined so I could post an update.
We got 4 of these at TSC in the spring and they ahve been great! At first we joked about idiot inbred hybrids cuz they looked kind of ugly and kept jumping out of the brooder (grew faster than the others) but they have been much smarter and nicer than the Welsummers we got at a small farm and have been absolute champs in egg laying. Laid early, lay daily and are laying even in upstate new york in December without any additional light or heat. We did a lot of freeranging in the summer but they are mostly on layer pellets now.
Gosh, I love an heirloom breed as much as anyone but for pure egg laying power and fun (they are the first to come over and check it out when you go out to the coop - they even recognize the waterer when it has run out and I come back with it refilled), these guys are totally fab. We even have one that lays eggs that are too large for the store egg cartons that we get from friends (we are giving away tons of eggs - 2 people cant eat half a dozen eggs a day). She laid one enormous egg of about 3 inches that I posted on Facebook and checked measurements online for the world record largest egg.
Now the eggs are kind of dull (creamy white or palest brown) since our others are 2 welsummers and an easter egger (I love colored eggs) and the chickens themselves are not the prettiest (they look like leghorns, get muddy and I was worried about the huge floppy combs/wattles getting frostbite though it has been much warmer this winter vs last - have had silver laced wyandotte and buff orps in TX and even the welsummers are beauty queens in comparison) but if you want good layers who have good personalities, get some when they are back! We gotta buy 6 at a time in NY so might not get any new ones this spring but just so y'all know, I was pretty impressed.
They are a hatchery cross bird bred strictly for TSC.
They are a lot like sex links in laying ability but they are still just a cross bred bird.
I love my sugar tails (red sex links) and will always have some but if I am ever in TSC I may pick up a few of these laying specials, too. I do love a good egg layer and have a lot of different breeds that are laying machines.
The tetra tint according with Mt Healthy catalog is: "a cross between a Rhode Island male and a Leghorn female, producing cream colores or tinted eggs". The bird is described as mostly white with at times some brown or even black hightlights. In the catalog the hen in the picture looks llike a off white leghorn.
I saw these at a website for a poultry farm in georgia but i can't find it now. I don't think they are only for tsc because i remember the website had pricing for them in orders of 25 or more.

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