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    Feb 21, 2013
    Those re some beauties!
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    Some one a "few" pages back asked about a Brinsea EcoGlow 20, sorry can't remember who or how far and you guys talk to much [​IMG].

    So I wanted to share my experience, I bought one this year. Used it for some shipped chicks, they LOVED it, for the 1st week, now they prefer the heat lamp (only a 120 v) and sleep around it. I like it, if I did not have a lamp on one side of the brooder I bet they would use it more. However, I don't think it is big enough for 20 chicks like it says, 10 would be more accurate, to fit comfortably. Hope that helps!
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    I also recently bought an EcoGlow 20, and I agree there is no way 20 chicks could stay warm under it. As the chicks grow, there is even less room ,even raising the heater as high as it will go. Brinsea instructions say not to use it if the room/coop temperature is 50 degrees or less.

    I also purchased the EcoGlow 40, but have not used it yet.
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    Absolutely beautiful birds!! I love the name 'Maleficent'. It fits her perfect. Just hope she isn't as wicked as the Queen was.
    RachaelS and Allen Wranch, thank you for replying. I bought the EcoGlow 20 and should receive it today. If they hatch I will be using it for 7 BR turkeys. They will be indoors in a small bathroom.

    Lisa :)
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    Feb 21, 2013
    I saw a peculiar sight today. On my drive to work this morning there were two geese on one corner of the road and about 10 baby ducklings (not baby geese) around the corner on another road. I mind you I work in a part of the city where it's like a "business district" so there's no lakes or ponds nearby. I was VERY tempted to take those 10 baby ducklings, but I didn't know where their parents were or anything. And I knew my hubby would probably have a caniption fit if I brought those home. It's just one of those things you don't see where I work. I've been working here 7 years and was totally taken aback by it this morning.
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    We haven't had a problem with putting up to 17 chicks under it for the first week with everyone being able to get under it no problem. But now that they are nearly 2 weeks, they spill out from under it. But they sleep next to one another so even the ones that are hanging out from under the EcoGlo still stay warm. We do not give ours a choice of heat lamp or EcoGlo. The EcoGlow has really gotten them to feather faster - we have 1.5 wk old chicks getting breast feathers already. They are staying out from under it most of the time and ranging more and farther. Took it away yesterday since the day before they hardly used it. They have been without a heat source for 24 hours now and are happy as clams.
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    May 14, 2013

    Texas member here - chicken mom since 2012. :)

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    I am having HUGE issues with my chickens scratching all of their feed out of their feeder...i use a 5lb feeder and they will completely empty and spread it out all over the ground in a single day. I buy a Lay mix from a LFS and am starting to wonder if they are picking around certain things to get to their favorite bits? i dunno.

    Do you all feed like a daily ration to avoid this? or do i need to rethink my feeders? i use on the hanging feeders and it hangs about 6" off the ground because of the varying sizes of my birds currently...i just feel like im going through feed twice as fast as i should be...
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    Nov 23, 2012
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    welcome aboard thirteen! Where abouts are you located?
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    Welcome to BYC, both of you [​IMG]

    Our EE's started laying this week. If their colours were up to standard, they'd just about rate Ameraucana ...slate legs, muffs, beards and the prettiest blue eggs. Here's a photo of Roxanne - she decided Mike's shop was the place to lay her eggs. She started looking for a place to lay, so Mike built up a nest in one of his plastic bins and she lays there religiously (every day this week, so we're assuming that's 'her' spot).


    I actually popped her first egg into the incubator. It will be a mutt, for sure - Dinner (Black Australorp) would be the sire. But, Mike thought it would be fun to hatch out her first egg.

    Buffy, the ditz that she is, hasn't quite figured out the whole "nest" thing. She laid her egg right next to the waterer, yesterday. [​IMG]That bird's a mess....definitely our "blonde".
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