Mar 12, 2020
Lyons Texas
No tacos to report here, just a mild heatwave until Sunday.....

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You can know I'm staying safely hydrated.
I am ready for this heat wave to break. I could also use a little (lot) of rain, but that would drive the humidity up from 85% to 100%, I hate being sweaty wet 24 hours a day (we don't use a/c at all). 102 to 104 here for next few days. Sorry, heat makes me grumpy, irritable, bit#y, and unpleasant-I try to hold back and tell myself it will cool off in Nov., but. . sometimes it doesn't.

AllenK RGV

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Jul 23, 2017
Deep South Texas Laureles,TX 10A
I keep trying to say we do not have heat waves in Texas. We just have heat. Even when I lived up north it was just hot.

Ok so I got some mini bananas they are so good. I'll take a photo and attach it. I love living in Tex-Mexico.
@RUNuts these things taste great! They are annoying to peel for the three bites you get. The floor tiles are 12x12. Best nanares ever.
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