thank you all for saving my chicken!!

mom wewantchicks!

11 Years
Apr 23, 2008
well i just wanted to drop a quick post to say thanks to all you byc fanatics!! i havent been around much,we bought a new house and had a terrible time getting the internet set up. the chickens and kids have all been enjoying their new home. about 3 weeks ago my neighbor comes over and says something has one of my chickens. i run outside to look and find noone. i fear the worst,that all my girls are gone. well i find my chicken,sparkle, with the assailant,a big male husky. i figure she is dead,laying in the neighbors bushes. when i picked her up,i was not going to cry. just a chicken,right? well i was balling like a baby in the five minutes it took to get her home!! i didnt have it in me to cull her but then like a ton of bricks all the things i had read on here came back to me. i put her in my dh work shop with some water and let her rest till morning. by morning she was still alive so i found the biggest tube of antibiotic i could and dh helped me wash her wounds. i went to the feed store for some antibiotics. well three weeks later she is back in with the rest of the girls (i found them all hiding later on that day) she is still missing some feathers but she is scabed up and holding her own!! the "stray" dog was sent to the pound,but was picked up by the owners. they promise to keep a better eye on him,and me on my chickens!! it it was not for this forum i would have had no idea what to do. you guys saved my,well actually my dd, chicken!! thank you so much!!!

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