Thank you all


In the Brooder
8 Years
Apr 20, 2011
Bloomingburg N.Y. (up state)
Just wanted to say thank you to all of you for making my chicken raising easier for me as I just started out.
My chickens are in great shape and I owe it all to you every one of you. Thank you again for all your help.
BYCers are the greatest! They really are super helpful!
I agree totally. Before I got my chicks in the spring, I read everything I could on BYC, every night. Once I got them, I didn't have nearly as many questions as I would have had. I could never have gotten my coop as secure as it is. I would be alarmed to see odd poo. I would be mad at Gertie for her small eggs. (just starting to lay) I would be a nervous wreck over their flock behavior. I LOVE having all these experienced helpful people to rely on!

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