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    Jan 31, 2009
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    I am not a member of many online forums and have not been a member of BYC for long, but I must say that in my opinion the BYC moderators do an EXCEPTIONAL job of keeping things civil and sane around here.

    On a forum with nearly 25,000 members from varying backgrounds and countries and with a wide range of opinions on a vast range of topics, some threads can get seriously off topic and inflammatory, and I am continuously impressed by the attention and kind reminders the BYC moderators give. Plus the moderators also seem to be actively involved in and knowledgeable about the BYC movement/trend/lifestyle - not just a policing body. Thank you BYC Moderators and Administrators!

    The members here are incredibly wonderful, and I so appreciate this because I know I can come to BYC and learn - and ask dumb questions - and someone (usually many someones) will be gracious enough to take the time to try to help me. Thank you BYC Members!

    (from a relative newby glad to have found BYC!)

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    May 13, 2008
    I second Buster's first. they do an outstanding job.

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    Aug 25, 2008
    I agree. And want to add that it can't be an easy job!


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    Sep 22, 2008
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    We are all very thankful
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    Thanks for the nice comments! We especially need the encouragement and help during these next few months. We are able to do with a handful of staff what usually takes many more moderators at smaller forums.

    The reasons:

    1) We have the best staff ever!
    2) We have the best members ever!

    We rely on great members like you guys to keep this place as friendly and organized as it is. The two main ways you do this are:

    1) Keeping the rules and always being friendly and courteous even when there is a disagreement.
    2) Promptly reporting any problems using the cool "report" link. We can't read every one of the 6,000 new posts a day so we rely on you guys to let us know where there is smoke so we can stop any potential fires.

    BTW, have I mentioned to hold on tight for a great 2009!?!?! [​IMG]

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