Thank you!


10 Years
Feb 19, 2010
Great Lakes
You all may have saved a chicken last night. One of my hens was wheezing and sneezing yesterday, and I looked that up here and consequently tried a few things. I put vitamins in their water, had the sick one eat some kefir (she shared with the others), and cleaned out their bedding. It smelled OK to me, but as soon as I dug into it the smell of ammonia was awful! No doubt this was the culprit. I don't hear any wheezing today!

My six year old son was particularly attached to three of our hens. One got taken by a hawk (and he only recently came to understand that this means she is dead, not just being carried around by a hawk like a kid with a teddy bear), and last week another died of a bound egg. I was so afraid of losing this third one! He helped me treat the flock and clean the coop at his bedtime last night. I'm one relieved mom (and flockster) this morning!
So happy for you that she is doing okay now!!

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