Thanksgiving Day Song for BYC!

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    There isn't much ado about Turkey day songs, so I just made one. It took me a mere 4 minutes.

    This is exclusively for BYC'ers and only BYC'ers

    ~~Thanksgiving Day Song

    We are all here Same time of the year
    To celebrate this day of feast
    But on this day In November, not may
    Is a day I like the least

    And it goes something like this:

    Oh Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Day
    What are we grateful for?
    We see all of our relatives
    Storming thru our door

    Uncle Ed who we thought was dead
    Is sleeping on the couch
    And aunt Margane who lives in Spokane
    Has brought her toy pet in a pouch

    Cousin Tommy with his wife
    Complaining about their ways
    Grandpa Gus is such a fuss
    Telling his side about his days

    Grandma Georgenes is a preen queen
    Dolls herself up the most
    Aunt Inez called at four thirteen
    Says she is stuck in the east coast

    Uncle Bob is such a slob
    Wearing a tie that is torn
    Then I met someone new
    Who said, “I knew you when you were born”

    Cousin rick is a convict
    Stewing in the county jail
    And the dog is running around
    Chewing on the mail

    I went outside to get my pies
    Cooling on the sill
    And I saw the kids eating them
    And I knew whom I wanted to kill

    So if your Thanksgiving Day
    Is something just like mine
    Just remember this song and laugh and laugh
    And sit at the table and dine.

    Happy Thanksgiving Family of BYC!

    Gabriel Mendoza

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    [​IMG] thank you! happy thanksgiving
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