Thanksgiving? in the UK!!!


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Ok, all you Americans out there. My mother is American born lived there until her early teens, and now lives in the UK after (long story short) moving to Africa with her missionary parents and marrying an English man! Anyhow we thought it would be a great treat for my mum, if we celebrated thanksgiving this year! So now what i need to know is what should i include to have a great thanksgiving feast for my mom! Any recipes will be greatly appreciated!
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Rebel may have a cute avatar, but he's VERY wrong on a few points. No pinto beans & slaw. No PRUNE (???) cake/pie. You need sweet tatos/yams with brown sugar on top and pumpkin pie.

[you are very sweet to think about treating her like this]
Hee hee......

I've been all over the south and even I've never heard of that one.....

Another idea.... green been casserole... like mushroom soup, green beans, and french fried onions on top.
The great thing about thanksgiving here is there are people from many parts of the world who celebrate it and they all bring some of their own cuisine to a thanksgiving celebration. We have roast turkey with stuffing, corn casserole, green beans, pumpkin soup, sweet potatoes, twice baked mashed potatoes, a fall greens salad, cranberries, etc. There are plenty of websites with recipes and menu suggestions. That is a lovely idea to do for your mother! Have fun with it!
What region of the US did you mother grow up in? That is going to be the single most important part of getting the ingredients of a proper Thanksgiving feast "right". Turkey is universal but the side dishes tend to vary widely region to region (and even within regions family to family but the region gives you a good place to start nonetheless).

Whatever you do, don't serve HAM! Good heaven's rebel cowboy, are you trying to kill me here? Ham is NOT a thanksgiving meat.
okay rebel cowboy, I am beyond intrigued. Will send me the prune cake pie recipe? PLEAZZZE?

ccoomber: Oh! you need the BYC cookbook. also take this question to the cooking threads. Those ladies know EVERYTHING! anything you need to know they will help you out. They are awesome!
there is also a recipe index that you can find dishes to make.
good luck, and that is a wonderful idea.
also there are some staples that you will have to haveas rebel cowboy suggested, : cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, turkey, stuffing, and sweet potatoes. Some people can not have Thanksgiving with out green bean casserole, but I am not in that camp.

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