The 9th Annual BYC Easter Hatchalong!

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I am in! I need to add to my flock due to neighbors dogs.
We r now fenced and secure. :celebrate
Welcome! That’s a shame about the neighbor dog but glad you are now secure.

I'lll join with chickens. Some chicken pals who don't have a bator need new chicks, so may as well!:clap
First hatch-a-long!!!:wee
Like contract hatching! Good luck :clap

Also, I will be hatching Olive Eggers, Marans, and possibly Seramas.
Nice selection :)

Count me in!

Is it okay if I hatch REALLY early on most of mine? :p I've got a hen that's about to go broody.

I'll wait on the Seramas though.
+or- 1/2 of set day is usually fine. Is that right @Happy Chooks ?

This is perfect timing. I had 10 hatch on Christmas day, so hatching chicks on Easter Saturday seems only appropriate! I'm in.

How fun is this!!! I want to try to join in, getting an incubator in by Feb 20th so this will also be my 1st incubator hatch. :) eeekk i cant wait to see all the babies on Easter!
How exciting, it sure is fun watching them hatch :D

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