The african and chinese goose thread!!

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  1. I remember you saying that you rescued some. She turned out to be a gorgeous girl. I think i have a few girls. Rain is one for sure the young ganders have really latched onto her.

    My Minnie got hurt i think someone shot her with an air rifle but her leg bone stopped it from going through. Found her covered in blood near the pond. Washed her off and cleaned her wound. Shes not limping, that was two days ago she seems ok now thank god it was just a flesh wound.
  2. Iain Utah

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    Dec 17, 2011
    Whoa! Who could of shot her? Glad she's ok!!
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    Jan 25, 2011
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    Sorry 8 that your goose got shot. What kind of neighbors do you have for them to shoot at her? It is not goose hunting season. So someone is just being an &*^%$#@.......
  4. We have neighbors that doesnt like us because we dont let them use us or hunt on the property so they try to get back at us by destroying property and animals. They move to the country from the city then try to change the neighborhood, they complained about the pond going in and about the smell of the horses, if they think thats bad they are going to hate it when i start raising hogs lol the honking bothers them also, i love my chinese and their vocal cords hehe
  5. Miss Lydia

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    I'm so glad to hear she is okay after this attack 8... [​IMG]
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    I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your goose, I cannot imagine having them and not getting attached, What kind of preds do ya'll have? and could it have been a 2 legged pred? Miss Lydia

    Ian Utah - She never did return. Thank you for your kindness.

    As far as 2 legged predators, possibly, but not likely. We are surrounded on 2 sides by woods Our next door neighbor is real friendly and likes the animals. Practically everyone in our area has livestock. In the morning we hear roosters crowing in long distance stereo. Even then, no one could have approached her, my geese are not sociable. My guess would be a bobcat or fox, we have them here though I have not seen any. My neighbors have had a few incidents with a bobcat, but not recently. I'm told they are not uncommon here. I can't think what else would single out one goose and be strong enough to carry it away in broad daylight. When rainy season ends and the water goes down, I will have a shelter built for my donkeys. They will stay in the pasture with the ducks and geese, I hope that will keep some predators away. I have dogs, but they think the birds and donkeys are FUN. They are not allowed in the fenced pasture.

    Maybe ostriches would be free from predation [​IMG] On second thought, even I would not go near them.
    I love my geese. [​IMG]
  7. Miss Lydia

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    I understand Donkeys are good at keeping most preds away a lot of folks around her keep them with goats and cattle, horses. An ostrich yep I'm with you don't think I'd want to get too close.
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    Aug 17, 2013
    My TWO would do that as well, suspect it's an excited jacked up, perhaps submissive thing??? Claire is much more stand offish since she's alone now, and rarely will come to my hand to eat like she used to......[​IMG]
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    Apr 28, 2012
    My two mini donkeys scare off coyotes by braying, and the reason I don't let my dogs in with them is for the dogs safety xD I've seen them attempt to make a soccerball out of my pitbull
  10. Here are two of my pieds, the oldest two. Took these pics today. Age 4 months

    This is Rain my pure chinese pied with Hail my white chinese gosling.
    And Stormy my Brown chinese x Tufted Roman pied
    I call them the Weather Front Trio lol hatched out in really bad storm in the spring and then named after what we got from it lol
    All three saying "Did you call us momma?"

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