The Andalusian

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  1. Though once referred to as the blue Minorca, the breed is now known as the Andalusian for its namesake province, Andalusia.

    The Spanish breeders that developed this old breed ( Reports from ancient Rome describe a very similar bird ) found that crossing a black bird with one of its white sports ( Naturally occurring genetic mutations ) would yield lovely slate blue feathers laced with darker blue. When mated together these slate blue birds show hybrid colors characteristics. In other words, they produce offspring in the ratio of one black, two blues, and one splash.

    The splashes and blacks are not eligible to be shown. However, they can be kept for breeding purposes and when mated together they produce 100 percent slate blue offspring. Andalusian breed numbers have fallen drastically in recent times; experts speculate that one reason for this is that maintaining a high-quality blue flock is a challenge.

    The modern Andalusian is a graceful bird that carries itself with an upright carriage. Hens produce large, almost chalky white eggs and rarely go broody. The birds are larger than Leghorns, rather active, and talkative. They are also very rugged, robust, and healthy and not meant for confinement;


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