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    Dec 18, 2007
    Has anyone ever come into money from a relative they didn't know existed?

    Last year my Mum in Australia got a phone call from a lady in New Zealand who was trying to track down relatives of someone who had passed away. She had never married, no kids etc.

    The lady in New Zealand knew the names of several of our family members in England but had been unable to locate them. ( My Mum is originally from England ). As my Mum was telling me all of this over the phone I told her to be very careful, that it might be a scam and DON'T send the lady a single penny. ( she never asked for it )

    LONG story short, it turns out the lady in New Zealand was related to a single family member from England who had immigrated to NZ more than 100 years ago. We had a large area to add to our family tree. The end result was there were 103 living relatives of the deceased lady and my Mum and Aunt both were sent checks from the NZ government for $5000 each. Had my Grandma been alive it would have gone to her.

    Seems this lovely little old lady who lived in a very modest tiny house had over 1 million $ in assets. The lady in NZ handling all the paperwork told my Mum that had she been on the Maternal side of the family she would have got a LOT more. My Mum was one of the few family members on our side who was willing to help the lady with info and track down the family in England.

    Just goes to show, you may have a rich long lost Aunt out there somewhere! [​IMG] My Mum was also fortunate to get copies of all the NZ paperwork thanks to the lady on the case and was able to fill in huge areas about our family tree.

    A family member since started a website for everyone related to the lady who passed. It's neat to find I have MANY relatives I never knew existed!
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    Wow, that's a fantastic story! I wish some rich relative would crawl out of the woodwork around here, we sure could use the money - oh, wait, I don't want them to die just so I can get the money, that's an awful thought!

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