The babies are here!!!!!!

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Sue S

Mar 7, 2018
First I would like to thank everyone who replied to my questions & gave me advice during the incubating & hatching of my babies!!!!:) Lastnite was very stressing 3 out of 4 ducklings got shrink wrapped, the 1st duckling was able to hatch on his own around 2am Friday morning, the other 3 started piping Friday morning also, but then things went wrong, 1st my incubator wasn't working correctly ( wouldn't keep temp so the humidity dropped ), then 1 egg started zipping & wanted to come out of it's shell ( literally !!!) around 3pm yesterday, so that got the remaining 2 motivated to come out, but around 8pm I noticed it was struggling & realized that it was shrink wrapped, after helping it out ( which wasn't as difficult as the last 2 ). By 9pm I had to start helping the last 2 out which was harder cuz they were really stuck but i'm so happy to say that around midnight last nite all eggs were hatched & babies are doing well. :yesss:. Overall I don't think I did to bad with my first incubating considering I started incubating 6 eggs & ended up with 4, ( 1 was a dud, & 1 stopped growing ). Here is a pic from this morning will share more when they are more fluffed.!!!!
Baby Ducks.jpg

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