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  1. This pic is from a month later April 2018. I was doing this all by hand sawing with a small saw. Each tree down and moved would wipe me out. IMG_1241.jpg
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    The tree removal has been a really big job! Too bad you can't get whoever planted all of them to come back and get rid of them :gig

    Thanks for the update!
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  3. My SO also likes to catch me in photos in awkward stances...:lau
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    Some people just have the knack :lol:
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    Out to pasture
    I had a huge Sycamore tree - I called Tree Zilla, just under 50 years old. The backyard was not accessible to a cherry picker. The company sent 3 workers. One man climbed the tree and in 4 hrs. had removed all branches. Sent them down one by one with a rope attached so he could control where they fell. A man on the ground would remove the rope. The climber would tie it around another branch and so on. While that was happening the 3rd. man would take it to the street and grind it up.

    I watched from a second story window. The team was perfectly choreographed, it was a pleasure to watch. Everyone did their job and were constantly in motion - no goofing off.
    The climber came down and started the notch(?) etc to have the tree fall in a safe, clear place. I wanted to see that but, took a bathroom break and heard & felt a big boom. When I got back to the window tree was on the ground. I miss it. :hit

    The narrow parts got sawed off in segments and the two men hauled to the grinder.
    The wider parts got sawed into bigger chunks, and were put (somehow) onto a cart and dumped on front lawn by the street.

    It cost $2420. in all. They left the stump because I couldn't afford to have it ground down. They cleaned up the yard. Honestly they were the best show in town. I was so pleased and grateful- I gave each man 2 water bottles and $ 20. each - A 4th. man, I hadn't seen operated the grinder.

    When I saw the huge, huge, pile of big chunks of tree in front I was dismayed. The men said a truck would come by later and dispose of that. Within an hour of the crew leaving a big truck with a crane stopped by. All the huge pieces were loaded into the truck and went bye bye.

    Wish I would have had the $$$ to have nuisance trees taken out, many Buckthorn.,etc.

    There was no downside to anything they did. I would recommend that company with no hesitation. In this day and age of repair persons, etc. who don't deliver as promised, these men should have been knighted.
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    I've been wondering how things are coming along now that spring is here. I bet you're busier than ever!
  7. Hey there @AmaranthineAcres! Sorry I haven't been on much lately, and yes things have been crazy busy both at home and at work. Not to mention I got sick and have been recovering.

    However what's been going on is for a few weekends we were crawling under the 1935 house to remove all the airconditioning ducts and wiring and anything else we could clean out. So that we can eventually have the crawlspace encapsulated and get a good moisture barrier down. While we were down there one of us bumped the main waterline and it began to leak heavily (we were aware that we were going to have to replace all the plumbing because it's done in polybutylene pipes). The bad news was that we also discovered that there wasn't a cutoff valve to the water for the house. So our only choice was to cut of water at the well, which supplies both houses. We will get that fixed down the road. I had to crawl way back to an area where it came into the house and cut the pipe and cap it. That was a fun weekend.... We still have a decent amount of work to be done before we are ready to do the encapsulation, but we have made good headway.

    In the yard we had the tree stumps ground down and that was amazing. It's nearly erased any evidence of the cedar trees and there is just a long pile of shredded pine mulch where the pines used to be.

    This past weekend I completed the first of many many raised beds. They will each be 4'x16' and around 27" high. Our plans are to have about 15 of them for our gardening needs. Hoping to build 9 of them throughout the year. We fill them about 10" with the shredded pine mulch from the ground up pine stumps as well as the pine needles. Then the rest is compost that I had 12 yards delivered. We should be done today with filling the first raised bed. I am hoping to build the other two next week.

    This shot makes it look tiny. I spaced it 18' from the fence, to give us room this fall to plant a blueberry hedge. I figure eventually the blueberry bushes will be 10' wide, leaving a 4' path on either side for blueberry picking! We are going with a few varieties of rabbiteye blueberries in the back yard. 20190328_075047.jpg

    This is the raised bed up close. Once done with filling. I am going to put a cap around the edge so that you can sit down while weeding or relaxing.

    This weekend we are heading to see family to celebrate some birthdays and anniversaries. I hope everyone is doing well! Very excited spring is coming. After I get the three beds built and filled, my next goal is moving the 16'x16' shed. Then after that it's building the trellis's for the grape vines! So much to do!

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