The color of your EE's


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Jul 11, 2010
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What color EE's do you have in your flock? I'm talking about the chicken's feathers, not the eggs.
Also, where did you buy your EE? I have a five, three are black and two are blue. I am just curious if certain hatcheries tend to send certain colors, or do they all have a huge variety?

Just curious!
Here are my two EE's that I got from My Pet Chicken" They are 2 months old in these pictures. I'll have to take some new ones soon.

She has since gotten more orange on her body, some black streaking in her neck feathers, and her beard and muff have suddenly poofed way out!

Her neck has light speckling, then the buff fades to buff lacing, with some barring on her wings!
My dominant (and only large fowl rooster) is an EE, he's mostly white with red shoulders, sorta, and gorgeous beetle-black-green tailfeathers.

I have a full-grown EE hen (a year old on the first of this month) who is "partridge" colored.

She laid and egg which another hen hatched, and the pullet is nearly the spittin' image of Rebecca (biological mom).

I have a possible "wheaten" EE, who is a really pretty gold-laced girl.

I have two younger, and bantam EEs who started white (as did the "wheaten") but which have feathered out with some light grey feathering. (Don't have photos available right now of these two girls....)

ALL of these birds are feed-store chicks, but the source was Belt Hatchery in Fresno.
Certain hatcheries do tend to spit out more of one color than another. . . Ideal and Cackle have more blue in their birds than others due to their beginning stock having blue wheatens. . . Murray McMurray has the most standard of colors, the BBR/pencilled brown and dominant white x duckwings - The reason being that they've got the oldest stock, and have not changed it in a LONG time.
Easter Eggers. Mixes of Ameraucanas or Araucanas with other breeds, usually resulting in pullets that lay eggs that are green or blue... but sometimes tan, white, cream colored, pink and brown.
My EEs are only 7 weeks old, so I'm not sure what their mature feathering will end up being. Right now, two are white from tip to tail. The other two have the golden heads and lacing towards the back - each with one black tail feather. One of my golden-heads, however is a more dirty golden than her sister. Not sure how that is going to turn out.
Thank you for asking and explaining "EE"

I was trying to figure out what kind of chicken that was from other posts


We have EE's mostly the partridge looks

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