The *Delta* Thread!!

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Well... hello!

Everyone here talks about Delta. Feel free to join in.
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you work for delta?!


sorry, i'm not out of school yet but I would love to work for those guys one day!
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Well my DH spends a lot of time flying on Delta, so were doing our part on trying to keep you all employed. lol You guys do great job, and over 12 years of flying nearly every week Delta has not lost his luggage, even with all the unexpected fight changes that he makes.
thank you. ive been employeed with them for 12 years exactly next week!

they treat us very well.

thanks for being so loyal... i treat all my customers how i want to be treated. our new hires tho... well....thats another story. sad to say.
yea, i want to fly planes one day. trying to save up money to learn for the time being
Delta rocks! I have not flown on any other airline in the last 20+ years. My loyalty to Delta is unwaivering...quick story explanation

March of 1987, my Mom flew to vegas with 4 girlfriends the weekend of Mike Tyson's fight...she began having a heart attack in the air but had no idea...she landed and 11 hours later went to the ER where they rushed her into ICU. So, my father was trying to get a flight, hotel and etc etc to no avail because of that stupid parents bowled on a vegas league and every year they chartered (ie bought out) a Delta flight to go to vegas...So I got on the phone and called Delta and told the young man the situation and said "I need to get my father there from the closest airport available from Ft Pierce Florida". The young man said..."May I ask who your mother is?" I told him and he said "OMG I book her bowling league flights hang on a second". He came back on the line about 5 minutes later with a flight number, a hotel room and a rental car all set up. Dad flew out and 4 days later, the doctor agreed to let her come home to Florida but she would have to go straight to Shands Hospital. So, I called the nice man at Delta gave him the scoop and he said no worries...I will call the hospital and the doctor and see what she needs. The next call I got was from him saying...your mother's flight has been arranged and we will have her brought to the tarmac via ambulance and we have a nurse to travel with her...when the plane lands there will be an ambulance waiting to take your mother to Shands Hospital. I said okay...he already had my credit card info for the flight out and I said "just bill the same card" and he chuckled.

So, they gave my mother an entire row of seats, put my Dad on the plane and had a nurse fly with her...all went as the young man said. My father was floored by the above and beyond treatment my mother received from Delta. 3 months later I had not yet received any charges on my credit card so I called Delta...the young man said he no idea why not and sort of chuckled. 4 days later my parents and I received a letter from Delta Airlines telling us that there would be no charges for any of the flights or services provided by Delta for my family resulting from my mother's hospitalization.

Because of that and how they treat me on flights...I will not fly on another airline as long as Delta is in the matter how much money on a ticket I can save.
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thanks y'all!!!for the sweet comments on delta. when i go into work tommorrow, at our briefing,
ill be mentioning the comments to my co-workers, that think "i am a nutty chicken lady"!!

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