The Diary Of An Addicted Hatcher-Peepers,Quackers, And Gobblers.

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  1. Hi All, As of the 1/09 and the 2/09 three gorgeous little chicks hatched out in the incubator. And My, I was very happy with the outcome! 3 chicks outta 5 eggs. That's means more little fluff bundles to join the bigger flock as they mature..and when that happens..the incubator will be running again!

    I've been wanting to create a thread where my journey of my peepers is visible to anyone. So here it is!

    My turkey gal' has gone broody for me, Sitting on 20 EGGS! Whoop! So i'll definitely keep you all updated on that. She is such a good momma already, and im happy that shes gone broody for me and just the right time!

    Guess what, On Monday arvo..Lil' ducks are joining the family! Lil' cute quackers with their cute lil' webs and irresistibly cute round eyes!! Very happy about that!

    On the following arvo, More little cute young gobblers are joining the family as well! You know what this means...A brooder full of Fluffiness and round bundles of cuteness!! Cuteness overload!!

    Do you remember the silkies?..That I brought after my last incubator hatch when COMPLETELY down hill? Well they are all grown up now and don't follow momma (aka me) around a lot anymore! Not sure if I ever told you their names, did I? Well the little white one is Topaz..And the Silver grey one is Nemo, The Multi coloured one is Phoniex and the last one..well..the last one...seems to be a rooster. Hes got those gorgeous hackle feathers growing and although they are not mature yet (They are only a bit bigger than my hand) he is very wary of his little silkie 'flock'. Anyways back on track [​IMG] The last Silkie is Bandit, And a cute little Ninja he does make.

    I placed Nemo next to the new hatchers and the new hatchers were so wibble next to them! Like little midgets!

    Soo..Who Wants PICS

  2. [​IMG]

    Group Hug!!



    (^This lil' one cant stand properly I had to give her something to lean on!)

  3. Great news. This Monday I'll be starting up the incubator again. (Knew I couldn't wait until these guys got bigger! :D) But this time im going to spice it up a bit..With QUAIL EGGS. I've been wanting to hatch my own Quail for AGES so im pretty excited!

    Well..Better go and clean out the incubator...
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    adorable chicks
  5. Quote:Thanks, They really are on the cute side! That's the fun about breeding mix's- You don't know what you'll get!

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    Love your pics. Very professional looking! I may have to pick your brain on turkeys at some point. My neighbor and I considering a flock of heritage turkeys to free range - they'll be housed across the road from me on her property. I have the flock of Guineas and now I want MORE!!!! [​IMG]
  7. Well...Its not looking good for the broody turkey corner. There was an unexpected down pour 2 days ago. As it was unexpected I had not provided the poor turkey with any protection from the rain. She is ok, but her eggs are not.

    I checked the nest, about 12 eggs were there. I have no clue what happened to the other 8, they could not of just disappeared.. And the last 12 were all rotten. So she has new eggs under her. Im hoping she goes ok...I lost one of my girls broodiness and eggs due to the same problem before *sigh*
  8. Quote:Thankyou! They weren't my best pics.. I mean, the background was a bit shifty. And sure, you can pick my brain anytime you need! (Try not to pick my brain to the point were I have no knowledge LOL :D) Whooo, Bird keeping is addicting isn't it?
  9. Gosh, At only a few days old these little burds are really mastering the art of 'growing up'. I've been watching the little furballs non stop, And guess what? Today, they were having a dust bath in their chick starter! It stuns me that something so small and cute can do what you see the big girls and boys doing! It was irrestibaly cute. So I thought..heck..these guys need a little dust bath in there. I scraped together some materials and went outside to look for some dirt. May I say it was hard to find dirt that was NOT soaked..

    Eventually I found some, I placed it in the dust bath container and put it in the brooder. They loved it! So adorable..

    I figured that they need a little bit of 'exercise' Gee, All they know that exists is their brooder and me! They have a whole life in front of them, May as well introduce it to them early! So I packed the little fur balls in a box and headed outside to a fenced in pen. You know the one where the one eyed rooster is kept? (lost it due to infection) yeah that's the one. The coops would not of been safe for a field trip..

    As soon as I sat down in the pen, and let the little guys out. They found their feet! Literally, im not sure if they ever knew they could run so fast! Little speed demons they were..and I think the part where they flap their little wings before they take-off to run would have to be one of my favourite parts :D They were all over the place..they would run, flap their wings, peck at something run back to me, than start the process all over again!

    Whish I had taken some photos of it, but my Camera/ Phone wont work and BYC is playing up today so it wont let me add pics.

    As for the little hamburg rooster..he wanted to know straight away what was intruding his pen. So over he strutted one eye and all. The little chicks had no fear of him, Infact, they were all over him! Little Hope was the bravest, She went right under him and wanted to inspect those big feet and spurs. Bambi strutted straight over to him and the rooster backed away! The big fella was terrified of these things! Poor little hope almost got trampled then..Better be careful next time hope!

    They also have some mulch in their brooder now. Which of course, they love. No more poopies in your food ,ok chicks?
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    LOL! I could just picture them using their chicken starter for a dust bath. I'm sure you got a good chuckle out of that one. Sorry to hear about the turkey eggs though. Hope the new ones fair better and you get a good hatching.

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