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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by ZakoHero, Jan 17, 2013.

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    Jan 3, 2010
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    We started with Turkey-Watefowl starter crumbles, 27% protein, so I added one part chopped rolled oats to four parts crumbles. At 2 weeks, we started mixing in grower pellets little by little into the starter crumble. So each day I would add just a little more grower, till it was all grower and we had used up the starter. About a month before they began to lay (when they started playing hop on top), I set out free choice oyster shell. Eventually I switched over to layer feed with free choice oyster shell.

    Right now I feed layer year 'round because some of my Runners seem to need extra calcium. I also supplement as needed with calcium citrate solution, about 50 mg per duck per day, more or less. And that is due to soft eggs. When I give the Ca citrate, all the egg shells are normal.
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    I only have one option here so I'm not much help, but here is a handy thread about treats if you haven't seen it
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    The main feed I see are 1) Starter, 2) Grower, and 3) Finisher. Starter is the highest % protein and grower-Finisher is lower. For ducks, by the time they are fully feathered and adult-sized, you only need 16% protein. Growers do come in varying %, so you just have to read the labels. Personally, I would not do anything over 18% for no more than 3weeks. As far as Dumor brand, over say Purina or Armada, well, that depends on what is available to you in your area. I really like Armada brand. Just read, read, read.
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    Feb 8, 2015

    Thanks , I saw the Flock Raiser reviews and I'm considering it just to keep everything simple , supplementing the appropriate supplements and mixing in oats to dilate the protein.

    Thanks , what brand of oats do you use?The only one I can find has mixed reviews so I'm a little skeptical.

    Yes , that thread is amazing , I have it bookmarked for future use!

    I haven't seen Armada , but I'm already planning to use Purina layer pellets due to the awesome reviews instead of DuMor , which had some mixed reviews regarding price and quality in comparison to other brands.
    Thanks everyone for responding , it helps a lot!
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    Mar 14, 2015
    What ducks like to eat. That was the question. I read and read many different opinions and have learned this: They are as picky and diversified as children.
    Virtually everything I have read says they like to eat eggs. Mine think eggs are evil and to be avoided at all costs. I scramble them up with no added oil or seasoning, put them in their special yum yum bowl. They race to the bowl then race away from it, avoiding it the rest of the day.
    Mine Love bok choy and think dandelion greens are "da bom" They will not eat dog food, cat food, coy food and broccoli slaw will only be tolerated with bits of parsley in it--which I have since read is bad for them. IDK why.
    All info says they will avoid onions when allowed to free range, not mine! they go right for those tender scallion greens. Silly ducks.
    They dont care for meal worms! What the heck is up with that?
    IM SO CONFUSED. I think I have brain damaged ducks [​IMG]
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    I use organiq brand layer pellets at this point as a base for all my adults. 16% protien. They are all also spoiled to no end with treats and have access to a large free ranging space along with my garden overgrowth. My chicks currently have Purina natural,
    not my first choice, but it has what they need until they're a little bigger. Then theyll get flock raiser crumble(also organiq) before moving onto the pellets. Same systemetic order of emptying a bag before buying the next one up as some of the others here. I can't remember what I used when I got my ducklings, almost a year old now, but it wasn't purina.
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    Nothing wrong with your ducks. They are just being ducks. That means they are going to do what they want and if it is not what you think they should be doing all the better. They are a lot like children in that way. Mine love lettuce and fresh corn (don't try to fool them by trying to sneak in either frozen or canned it has to be fresh). They eat the chickens feed with a passion and supplement with free standing oyster shell as they see fit. BUT let them out in the field and they go crazy for clover and, now that spring is here, you should see them go after grasshoppers!!!!!
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    Mar 14, 2015
    It is hilarious to me to watch how picky they can be. How do you get them to eat snails? do they eat shell & all? Would it be bad for them if I squished the shell to break it so they can better get the idea? or would the resulting shards of shell be a choking problem? Anyone have experience with this?
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    Too funny. . . I put some snails into the run and into their pool and thought my duckies would go crazy about them. They looked at ma like I was crazy. Maybe with some butter and garlic? -DB
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    Feb 24, 2015
    These are 7 week old buff and golden 300 ducks. I ordered all females and got them when they were 2 days old. The yellow ones are the buffs and the other goldens. The goldens have this white and blue coloring on their wing tips. Has anyone seen this on golden females before? I am wondering if I actually have all females as I wasn't expecting color like that.

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