the ducks are loving this weather!


9 Years
Feb 1, 2010
It has been ridiculously dry all summer - serious drought stage. The ducks seemed happy enough with their water trough-pond...but now I know what REALLY happy ducks look like! Those are the ones that stood outside all last week when we got 13" of rain in 3 days...and it's raining again and they're just chillin' out on the lawn while the chickens all look miserable
We live in the southern Oregon mountains, a very dry climate with over 300 days of sunshine and very little rain. My ducks get all happy when we have overcast. This morning we had rain, two drops it seems. Don't ever bother with open car window or garden furniture, because it will be dry 5 minutes later. The humidity is only 10%, just as dry as Las Vegas. Bone dry. Because of that our inground and above ground sprinklers come on twice per day. That's when we have a duck party going. I guess their pool is not enough.
LOL! My Lucky actuallygot scared the 1st day it rained! It has been such a dry summer, that it didn't rain until she was about 6 weeks old!

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