The elusive red face of my pullet Dotty.

my first peepers

11 Years
Jul 9, 2008
South Western VT
My EE girls are just about 16 weeks and I know that's on the early side for eggs but one of them has gotten very red in the comb/face/ear area so I got all excited. Today when I went out she wasn't nearly as red as she has been for the last week! What does this mean? How can the color come and go like that? Is redness a sure sign of eggs coming?
My turken does the same thing. But she is so little, so I attribute it to nature. I guess when it stays constant that will our sign
they can get more red when excited. ie: you bringing food, chasing bugs, chicken argument, etc.

it is totally normal. watch a roo when he gets huffy with the ladies, he'll get all red. same with turkeys and some humans when caught being not-so-honest!
I've noticed it comes and goes like that with mine (I'm watching like crazy because I'm looking for a first egg, too) when the temperature shifts.

One is consistently redder, but when it's warm, it's very bright and obvious. Arent' combs and whatnot naturally a bit for dispersing body heat? I think I read that somewhere...

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