The Emu Twin Experiment

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    Hello everyone!
    So, a while back I found this very interesting article detailing the development and genetic testing of the first known set of identical avian twins... A pair of female emu chicks born in 1994!

    Imagine my surprise and excitement when, a short while later, I encountered on a facebook group a breeder who was showing off a huge egg their hen had laid. It's over 900 grams! I ended up buying it from him and setting up an experiment with my college [I'm a biology student currently] to see if I can hatch it and test it as described in the study. The school also provided me a larger and more reliable [but less well ventilated] incubator that was unused in one of the labs.

    Not only that, but the breeder's hen laid another such egg about a week later and I have bought that one too, as well as one or possibly two of its "normal" siblings [the breeder has only one emu pair.] I have decided to share the process and outcomes of this experiment on this thread.
    I understand this is likely to be a rather depressing thread, giving the unlikeliness of twin eggs hatching, but perhaps I will get lucky and end up with the third known [to me, anyway] surviving set of emu twins!
    51814859_1487544481376062_8671963987702710272_n.png Here is an image of the first egg next to a shell from a previous hatch of emus.

    To make matters worse, I found a crack running almost the entire length of the first [and larger] twin egg, which has now been incubating almost three days. I have repaired it with candle wax and determined that the membrane didn't seem to be broken, so now all I can do is wait.
    52358964_410958556131897_5315868223256657920_n.jpg Here is a [admittedly poor quality] image of the repaired egg to show extent of the crack. I suspect it either happened in shipping, or more likely when I tripped over the box the egg was in while it was waiting to go into the incubator. I didn't notice any issues at the time, but I can't imagine the egg got cracked just sitting in the incubator as it's been doing since then. I'll get a better picture later.
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    :fl hoping for the best outcome
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    My Coop
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    Me too. :caf
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    Good luck!
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    Thanks everyone for the good wishes. Included here is an image of my repair job -although I repaired some branch cracks I noticed after taking the picture- and an image of the four day weigh in. Does anybody know how much they [are supposed to] lose in a day early in incubation so I can estimate the start? I had to get a new scale as my former one was not accurate enough to track weight loss.
    52561511_2041712135897373_4796117708028510208_n.jpg 52602724_321618445364497_4387003432926445568_n.jpg
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    This is so exciting, definitely following!
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    I don't know a thing about incubating emu eggs but I have been following along here:
    Going to try hatching emus again!!
    She is keeping track of weights.
    Have you read through that thread yet?
    You might pick up a few things.
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    How exciting! :pop
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    Can't wait to see what happens! Good luck! Hope you get some twins. :fl

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