The Evolution of Atlas: A Breeding (and Chat) Thread

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  1. Thank you so much for the feed recommendation!!! I just looked up Tucker Milling Feeds and they are sold in here in Mobile at Phillip's Feed Co. on the other side of town. Woo hoo! I have been feeding our chickens Scratch and Peck, which has been great for the older girls but these bantams are so darn finicky they have all of the sudden decided they don't want to eat it anymore. All they want is the concoction that I make for them similar to yours. I have spoiled them rotten since they were in such a precarious health situation at first but I don't need to be running a chicken restaurant twice a day. LOL! I am going to call Phillip's tomorrow and see if they have the Grower Crumbles in stock. Thank you! Thank you!
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    You're welcome, Angela. They do have a non-GMO feed, but after some research, I decided not to feed it because it's based on wheat and fish meal and there was some issue with necrotic enteritis with that type feed without the corn. Wish they'd had non-gmo corn in there, but if they did, it would be much more expensive. I love their chick starter/grower, which is true crumble, not just powder like some. Just ask for the mini pellets (come in 16% and 22%) if you get layer feed and your bantams should like that, perfect size for them.
  3. Your post just hit me right between the eyes!!! Our little roo has been exhibiting signs of Clostridium so I had him tested yesterday and we are still waiting on the results. The Scratch and Peck Grower feed is non-gmo with fish meal and NO CORN! I did read earlier today that Clostridium thrives on the amino acids in fish meal so the fact that they abruptly stopped eating it is probably Mother Nature taking care of them. Our big girls are on the Scratch and Peck Layer feed with the non-gmo corn and they are doing fine. What function does the corn serve in inhibiting the necrotic enteritis in the feed with the fish meal?

    Our sweet little man shouldn't have made it past 6 weeks according to our vet but here he is at 21 weeks. He is our little miracle rooster and we are still fighting to get him to 100%, which unfortunately may never happen but we are going to do everything we can for him.
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    I don't know if it's the corn preventing it or if it's that the fish meal causes it or if it's the particular way the fish meal is processed or that it's the main source of protein rather than an additive, just not sure why, but when I found out about it, I decided I'd stick with what's worked for years, the good old Tucker Milling with animal protein (porcine meal source). And mine needed the higher protein levels anyway-the non gmo doesn't come higher than 16%, so back to my good old reliable Tucker Milling mini pellets.

    Hope you find that feed does your birds as good as it's done mine. I like that it still has animal protein and I have no complaints about it. Off to bed for me, been a very long day. Talk to you tomorrow!
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    I followed the link to learn about Delarex - he was born bold as brass wasn't he? What a character. He passed way to soon but, look at the treasures he left behind.
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    Amen to all of that! Diva, you changed your avatar! We don't change easily, do we?
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    Have been lurking, and really enjoying this thread. Thank you speckledhen!
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    Just catching up with the sorry to hear about Rex.
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    Thanks for joining the thread!

    Glad to see you back. Thank you, he's very much missed here.
  10. Woo Hoo!!!! I just got back home with the Tucker Milling Feed. I am happy to report that are they gobbling it up! I am one happy chicken momma! [​IMG] Thank you again for the info on the Tucker Milling Feed. The feed store that had it was on this little pig trail off my beaten path but when I went inside it was a wonderland of feed and medicine. I am so grateful to have another resource for supplies now.

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