The Front Porch Swing

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    Jul 27, 2010
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    already PM'd you the phone # and will be waiting to hear from Eli. God does guide us to fulfill our needs.
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    My porch is back in the rocks behind my house. As the sun sets sweet smells of sage and ribbon wood waft through sun baked air.... The wind blows smells from miles away someone is cooking barbecue twenty acres over. The night critters have been out for a while testing for the all clear... I hear the thump thump thump of my horses footsteps as she goes to her watch spot in the evening... Black as night she is in the night she sees all and hears all... my protector. She sleeps in that corner for her standing sleep but comes down where the ground is softer to lay down... I hear her ooommmph as she plops down.

    The earth holds her breath as the wind dies down for a few hours rest. Now I can hear the rustles and the squeaks of life here in the desert rocks. I can hear the neighbors talking to their dogs who sounded the alarm... People are walking through the land. I cant see them but their shoes will be covered with rags so they don't leave foot prints. They don't talk because they know how sound travels when there is no sound. They have just come across the border with their traveling supplies mostly in tact... Gallon of water, change of clothes a jacket and a bedroll.... and maybe a little food.

    My house is hidden from them unless they make a wrong turn... My horse will leap up and snort rattle snake sounds at movement in the brush.... They turn around and go back to the main road.... The dogs sound the alarm again as they pass by.

    I sit in my chair quietly alone and peer into the darkness above.... The milky-way and stars stared at for Milena gently travel by... I had never seen them till I moved here.... Even back when I lived in another desert... Las Vegas.... Not enough light here to wash them out. A mere 100 feet from my house 50 feet from the back gate yet I can see none of it ... Only sky and dusk to dawn lights 20 acres away and little red lights in Mexico on top of Towers.

    If you are careful you can walk the bush by star light Starkly beautiful and mysterious without color. A shadow disappears into the brush... coyote hunting rabbit. The moon is new now.... but when its full it will rise like a Torch with the cool reflected light of the sun.

    I sleep with my windows open there.... sometimes even my bedroom door with only the screen to keep wild things out.

    Good night everyone.

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    Mar 27, 2014
    [​IMG] look at this big olé double yoker we got a couple days ago
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    Perchie, that was just lovely!!! [​IMG] I can almost see, hear and smell your high desert....I bet you can see so many stars at your place that it boggles the mind.
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    We are just starting.
    Doug is going to be taking classes to improve his skills. He really needs to learn farrier skills, because the only guy around here was severely injured by a kick and has brain damage and can no longer work. His real love is in the artistic field of smithing. He already does amazing things with knife blades and gun barrels. I have found a second forge I am thinking of getting, but he really wants to build a large furnace in his shop. He would love to talk to your DH.
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    Wow, only 12 pages today while I was at work ...[​IMG]

    Blooie - glad you decided against putting a window in that north wall. I understand the winds in Wyoming and I was worried for you - our garage door in on the north side and I get very tired of shoveling out the garage all winter. Sorry Bee, but it isn't as easy as just hanging up some plastic over it. One year we covered our wood pile with a tarp - it was shredded within 2 months and we had it staked down tight - no flapping until it ripped in half.

    Welcome, Mcrowe!

    Bee, looking forward to hearing of your success with hatching.

    Deb, working a forge sounds like a lot of work, but pretty neat too. DH and I watched a show about a guy who tried to replicate the process that was most likely used to create the Viking broadswords. It was a really neat process.
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    Yes you can... the spot I wrote about I have designs for putting a deck... Its completely surrounded by rocks of several tons. and almost flat in the middle. It would be an excellent place to set up a telescope.

    Most summer days are hot up there High ninties low hundreds.... but when the sun sets the temps drop almost enough to make dew. No skeeters so I could see setting up a day bed up there and sleep under the stars. Course Id have to have a dog for an alarm... Sigh I miss my Rosie.

  8. perchie.girl

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    There is a gal here on BYC that hatches em. they have to be hand delivered.... LOL...

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    Lovely!! The crickets are cricketing, the chickens have hushed finally. I'm in bed-nights peeps!
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