The Great Eggscape!


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Jun 2, 2009
NE Ohio
Yesterday we had a series of thunderstorms that brought down ALOT of rain in a short time. At the height of the event, my son was wading through the chicken pool (renamed from the chicken coop until the water abated) trying to rescue waterlogged pullets and saw this little bugger swim right thru the fence. Luckily he chased it down, but not until after it made it 100 yds away to the drainage ditch!
Oh MY Yes! We had 3 of them on the kitchen table drying off while the (irony of ironies) chicken was baking in the oven. LOL

1 buff who has been being treated for an eye condition, 1 araucan who survived the chick mauling a few days ago with only a few marks on her head, and another araucana who got swept against the fence by the rushing water. All of them are between 17 and 12 weeks old. The rest of the birds were carried safely through the high waters by my son and deposited in either the henhouse or one of the condos my hubby built.

The water subsided quickly once the rain stopped, and everyone has been enjoying the worm hunting.

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