The Green-roofed Playhouse Coop

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    Jan 20, 2007
    Madison, Wisconsin

    Here is a link to a photoof the Playhouse Coop. My 4 large breed hens are enjoying their second winter in it. I was not sure that they would survive the winter without heat or insulations, but the old time chicken raisers were patient with me as I expressed my concerns.

    This little makes for a perfect do-it-yourself weekend project. If you are interested please contact me. For a nominal fee send you a full set of construction drawings along with a materials list and other construction aids. The proto-type of this one measured 4' x 6'. After building the first one, I decided to alter the design and make the coop 4' x 8', as pictured in the photo. With the aid of my son's Boy Scout Troop, we built the coop in couple of days. It is now used at the local community children's garden.

    Contact Dennis at for more info.
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  2. Threex

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    Jan 25, 2007
    I purchased your plans about two weeks ago, things are going GREAT!!! I'm making mine a little bit larger but your plans are perfect to use as my reference. Thanx again and good work. One question though, Do you need to have a ladder or can they just jump up to the nesting box??
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    Jan 13, 2007
    My dad built one like it this summer for me, I painted it and put the harware cloth on. we made the coop area 3 by 4 and so far the girls are doing great in it will try to get some pics posted sometime not today too cold to take pics it about -30 windchill today.

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