the "happy chicken song"


11 Years
Oct 24, 2011
On the windy MA/NH border
I've been going out every couple of hours to check for eggs. I love getting outside in winter.

Well, it was a mild January morning and my chickens were singing. Several different breeds and ages were belting out the "happy chicken song" together.

You know the rythmic "buck-buck-buck-buck BUCKOK! buck buck buck buck buck buck BUCKOK!", Each chicken had her own pace and tone and it all fit together, well, like Bach.

I glanced around and realized that even roosters sing the happy chicken song! I didn't know that!

And then I began to sing it too.

There were surprised faces all around.

I've done that too!
Me to! But i think my neighbors think I'm off my rocker when I call my girls in a shrill cackle " where's my girl's" oh where's my girl's ! They come running and it's so cute, but I'm thinking my neighbors think I'm nuts big time lol
Do any of you have a video of your chickens singing the happy chicken song?? I hear everyone talk about their chickens singing it but I've never seen/heard it and youtube isn't any help cause I don't know what I'm looking for

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