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Discussion in 'Exhibition, Genetics, & Breeding to the SOP' started by Robert Blosl, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. OSUman


    Apr 17, 2009
    Central Illinois
    A breeder told me that it is easier on the birds if you add the light to the beginning of the day, and then have the light go out naturally at night rather than suddenly shutting off the light at night.
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    Feb 28, 2013
    Battle Ground, WA

    Bob, interesting you note that bantams hatched in the winter get larger, I have always heard large fowl hatching in the winter will be smaller. Is this true in your experience?
  3. immyjay54

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    Feb 20, 2011
    I know you have this to Bob but I will say that I hatched out chicks 11/10/2012 and they are as big as any of my full grown birds right now and bigger then some. I don't know if there is anything to this or not. These are LF, I don't know about the bantams.
  4. redrstr29

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    Mar 19, 2013
    HI everyone!!!
    I'd like to know if there is anyone near CT that I can purchase some Hrir from?? I think they are so regal and love that they look exactly like the ones I used to have way back!! You dont see much like these around here anymore,,, kind of sad!
  5. greathorse

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    Oct 1, 2008
    Northern Colorado
    If you are looking for chicks it is not really necessary to be close to the breeder. Chicks ship very well I have shipped to nearly every corner of this country from Colorado with only one bad incident and that is when the birds were lost. It could have happened just as easily if I were close to the ship point. Unless of course you want to pick up directly from the breeder.
  6. Robert Blosl

    Robert Blosl Rest in Peace -2013

    Mar 1, 2010
    Silverhill, Alabama
    The only reason to be near a breeder is climate. If you live in Texas the first name is Lloyd Flanagan, if you live in Colorado area I think of Paul and his flock in the sought there are many breeders or beginners right now. Also, you can get in your car and make a road trip. They may sell you some eggs if you come to their house. Some don't fool with eggs or even chicks they don't have time and find it a pain in the neck.

    Egg laying can be funny. I sold all my White Leghorn bantams and kept the top champion hen. She layed like a machine last year and the years befog. I was going to rotate her with three different males then mate the best pullet from each male back to them. Not one egg so far this season. Will she come through latter I don't know.

    If you want some chicks in R I Reds and cant find any ask on this message board or send me a personnel message and I might be able to locate you some old fashion reds.

    I hatched a red bantam today and put a purple mark on his head. Little dark as can be and blue on his wing bows. Mouse maybe but sure is a dark chick. This one I will raise.

    For me in the south hatch late bird are smaller because of the heat and humidity stifling their growth. Hatch early, call ducks will be big as mallards, bantams will be over weight and large fowl will be fine. Hatch large fowl late and they will be a pound smaller but will produce normal size chicks the next year if hatched early. In the mid west or west or north have no clue. I would only want to hatch early so you could show in the early fairs or fall shows. If you don't show makes no difference except you who buy the birds and want to show.

    In the beginning you want to be lucky to just get some good ones. You have plenty of time to show your birds and most of you who will enjoy this hobby. You will meat some of the best friends in the world at the shows, you will talk to each other on the phone and email each other during the year. Then you may be lucky and get a buddy or partner to raise your strain together. That is priceless.
  7. greathorse

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    Oct 1, 2008
    Northern Colorado
    You are correct Bob, Paul AKA Greathorse. I raise some Belgian horse hence GH
  8. redrstr29

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    Mar 19, 2013
    Just incase someone didnt feel like shipping or didnt like doing it, and also I was looking for some started stock already but I think I found someone on here, I dont mind chicks.... as long as I clear it with the gestapo (my fiance) wouldnt notice too much if they were older and I would of been able to sneak em in... ya know what Im sayin lol... we shall see, I used to have about 20 HRIR I got from an auction 10 years ago, and they havent shown their faces since,,, I dont mind hatchery ones at all but If i have the option why not get some good lines... I currently have 10 red crosses and 2 leghorns
  9. ronott1

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    This is one I hatched from you Ron at 4 weeks old:


    I think this is a cockerel. The tail feathers are short and he was perching on the side of the Brooder acting cockish.

    The color looks good to me. It also amazes me how quickly they get the Brick shape.
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  10. NestingHillsSC

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    Jan 6, 2012
    Yep. After watching my first 10 from Ron, seeing how they act and grow, I would put all my money on that's a Roo! Slow growing back feathers, long legs too. I noticed all the roos I think I have 2 have very long legs. Going to be big nice roosters. [​IMG]
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