The incubator that "MacGyver" built! Homemade bator!! SUCCESS!!!

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    I just had to share pictures of the awesome bator my DH built for me "MacGyver" style. Half of it came from bits and pieces from his shop where he saves "stuff"! We purchased the digital thermometer on ebay and the digital hygrometer. Also an extra thermometer. We bought hinges and Plexiglas (double panes top and front) after he broke two pieces of glass. He wanted lots of lights and switches (which he had) and they are really fun! The bottom hatching area is not quite complete but we have out first test eggs on the top shelf. Please notice the special extras! Small side doors for reaching in to grab a chick or egg in lock-down. Also the water pan fills from the outside and is equipped with an aquarium aerator (also purchased) that will bring the humidity up several notches in just a few seconds! It is all attached to a back up system in case of power failure. (We already had that). I know it will fly. Just not sure if it will make eggs into chicks yet! [​IMG] We have about $150 invested.



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    Very nice!!! [​IMG]
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    Wow! Looks great! Hope it works out well [​IMG]
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    Thanks! I'm going to candle tonight for the first time and see how things are going. [​IMG]
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    Nice hope it works out great for you
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    Looks really nice. Goog luck!
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    Thank, to all for the encouragement! Can't wait to candle tonight! [​IMG]
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    Love the side doors for reaching in real quick. Looks fancy with all those switches. Great job and can't wait to see how it works out for you. Is it holding temps well?
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    Looks Great!

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