The Inlaws. Grrrr :(


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Nov 21, 2009
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Ok, my inlaws.... arghhhhh

I guess I should start by saying that two years ago I had an issue with my mother in law and her lifestyles effect on my family. I brought the issue up and my husband and mother in law continued only began hiding from me what they were up to.

She would come by the house weekly back then. Next the sneaky behavior started it went over like a sack of potatos. I am not big on being lied to and I completely went off the chart with my anger. (I WAS PREGNANT at the time) I informed my mother in law that if she could not stop involving my husband in her "problem" I did not want her there for the birth of my child. The only leverage I thought I had at the time

Needless to say you can not change someone and it did not help in the least. It just drove the spike in our relationship deeper. One day after months and months possibly a year I walked in on a conversation my husband was having with his mom on the phone. He was telling her he did not want to be involved anymore!!! I was so happy and shocked.

Since then she has stopped coming over completely. She has never once asked to keep my daughter and shows no interest in knowing her at all. It is ok, she has plenty family who just go nuts over her. She used to come by like clock work.

So today my husband comes home and says "Want to go out to eat with my parents?" I had eaten at 2:30 and it was 5:00. I said "no". Wow... he went off on me. Yelling stuff like you need to be nice to my parents blah blah yell yell. I mean, did not ask if I was hungry, and frankly if it was just us I would have still said no because I wasn't hungry.

At this point I am hurt and angry because since this one issue with his mother (Which I was protecting my family and in the right) I can not do anything right. He acts like I treat his family bad.

Every time I see them I hug them, tell em I love em, and am friendly. I mean I compliment his mom, and just do my best to make them know I want to be part of the family. BUT... I will always be accused of being mean to them (which the only family member I ever had a problem with is mom).

When will I live down the fact that I stood my ground on something that was wrong in the first place. How much nicer do I have to be to these people... do I need to kiss their feet to have my husband stop thinking I am so awful?

Maybe my husband just can't stand me since I stood up to his dear momma. I love her but she is messed up.

Oh I forgot to mention that she is one of those passive agressive types, Boxed up wrapped seperatly around 10 packages of maxi pads for my baby shower. Never got a stich of clothing for my daughter that doesn't say on it Daddy's girl. Oh there is alot but frankly I just smile right through it, "oh thank you what a cute outfit... Awwww daddys girl!!
". I held up each package of maxipads for a photo at the shower.
I refuse to sink to her level.

So I am nice and will continue to be nice to her... and I do not expect my husband to understand how hard I try to overlook the issues and remember that no-one is perfect including me.

SO.... I doubt you understood my rambling rant. I wish I understood.
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I read your post and wish I had some answers for you, all I can do is sympathize, I feel bad for what you are going through.
Thanks... wish things in my house were not so annoying right now. Very quiet though .

I thought yall might at least get a laugh out of my rant if I added a funny pic.

I love this icon right now.
that is the best picture ever!

my mother in law sucks too..she is a huge pothead who never liked me for whatever reason..she doesnt like my husband either. she used to give me broken stuff all the time as presents..once she gave me a sewing machine that was very damaged, and as soon as i fixed it, she demanded it back! i chunked it in her front yard like the mature person i was back then.
Sorry about your "feud". I have definitley lived it and it is not easy. I am divorced now in LARGE part to ex MIL. It is a very hard row to hoe...
Yeah Jeaucamom, I sometimes wonder if it is worth the trouble. I would say that between my husband and I most of our problems revolve around her. He is a mommas boy and his momma can't stand me and basically I have to keep her secret from the family to stay in good with my husband.

If her husband knew he would drop her like a bad habit, and I think if I told my husband would drop me like a bad habit.
sad. She holds all the cards.
Oh the chunking of the sewing machine is funny!

yep, it was a drive by chunking..we didnt even stop the car, just pulled up to the curb and i threw it out!
i would just ignore her...easier said than done, i know all too well. eventually she will slip up and your husband will get tired of her.

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