The khaki-Campbell duck Thread !!!!!!!!



11 Years
Dec 14, 2008
post any pics of your khaki's and their eggs,coops,babies, anything w/ khaki's!!!! can't wait to see them!!!!



We had six all together, with only two girls (so we had to find other homes fo the drakes). They're funny birds, who thought that their parents were geese.
Here are my Juniper & Holly - I'm looking for a Khaki Drake to breed to them this year (and to cross to my Dark Campbell hens for sex-linked ducklings)! If you're in WI and have an extra, let me know! I LOVE these girls! They were two of my very first ducks - they got me hooked!


And here are some of their eggs:


The HUGE egg in the middle was a double-yolker:
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A question for you guys....
This is my first year raising Khaki Campbells and I am getting a few black ducklings with yellow fronts. I thought at first my male pekin was sneaking into the pen and they were crossbred but this last one I know is from only Khaki Campbells. Is this a recessive? Or does it mean there is non-KC in one or both of the parents?
Some of mine have come with a lighter almost cream colored, I guess it could be considered a bib type marking. But there is no sign of it what so ever once they start to feather out. I'm just learning about colors, but would a Kahki and Pekin throw black bibbed? Are they black or deep chocolate, I wonder if you could have some Dark Campbell in there.

Annarie, do you have any pics of your DCs as babies?

Oh, and I have 15 Kahkis and I love them...
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Of the 4 so far, 1 is dark chocolate and getting lighter as he starts to feather, the other 3 appear black but are still all down so they may change as they feather. When I googled images of Khaki Campbell ducklings I see ducklings this color in the group photos but they never say if all in the photo are Khakis or not :-( Most of what has hatched has been the expected mid to chocolate brown color.


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