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Hey all. The past 2 months I have been going like crazy building my coop and run. It is finally ready and the ladies are coming tomorrow. They are being picked up at about 6 in the morning. I have read that it is best to introduce them at night so they can go straight to sleep, unfortunately that is just not an option. I have also read conflicting ideas do keeping them in the coop for three days and others saying to let them roam and explore. Because of the time of year when I get them home it will still be dark for about an hour. This is my first time doing the chicken thing so any and all input and expertise is very much appreciated.

Thanks :)
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What age are they?
I advise you concern yourself with predators. Try reading through the Predators section on this forum. You won't be able to sleep for 3 days but you will learn from other people's hard lessons.
Do you have a light in your coop? If not just put a large flashlight in there for them(and you) to be able to see for the hour......or just leave them in what ever you are transporting them in for another hour.

How old are they and what do you plan on transporting them in?

I would assume that your coop and run are predator proof and you already have food and water ready for them in the coop. Definitely leave them in the coop/run for a few days to a week to 'home' them to the coop if you plan to free range.

ETA: checked out your other posts, nice job on the coop!
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Thanks all. The hens arrived safe and sound this morning. A little spooked and stressed but doing well. The coop and run are predator proof. I have dogs so I probably wont do the free range thing, my shepherd would have way too much fun chasing them around. The hens were kept in the coop all day to help them feel comfortable in the new surroundings. They have their food and water in there and got some romaine after dinner tonite. Tomorrow I'm thinking I will open the coop door and see if they want to check out their outdoor space.

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