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Dec 16, 2008
I just opened my lav box that arrived this mornig. The hens are fine but the roo only will walk backwards not fowards please help I can find no injury and know he was fine when he left his original home. I cant find any injuries!
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he is eating and drinking. I put that blood builder stuff in his water for an added boost. I had to show him where the water was and food, his crest is so big he can hardly see and was struggling to find it. I wonder though if that is a symptom or just lack of vision....

All three are quarentined but he is away from them as I want to observe him and get him through this.

I am very concerned foir him, I had a Ameraucana roo that got injured while free ranging and he did the same thing, and with some care got better, but he limped for a while. I am thinking he hurt his leg but cant see how....
well he is standing up now and seems better. I am thinking that maybe it was just shock???? not really sure.... but I think he will be ok, at least I hope so as I have sold my other lav roos and will be relying on him. Not smart I know but i have limited space for roos and had to take the chance.
UPDATE: I thought he was improving but after observing him for a while I see that he is still quiet sick and I was wrong about him getting better. .

ok I really need help figuring out what is wrong with this roo. here are the videos of the way it is moving as well as a short video showing its one eye that seems to have some gold coloring at the top of its iris. His irises do dilate when light hits them. I can find no external injuries or any bugs, I have given some Poly-vi-sol as well as a probiotic mash. He is eating and drinking a bit. He also attempts to walk forward and you will see him lift his foot and then put it back down over and over as if it cant get its body to do what its brain is telling him. he can walk forward but it seems to take all of his concentration. Some videos are in black and white as I dont know how to work my camera very well. I feel like the issue may be Mareks or a neurological issue brought on from the stress of being shipped but have never seen anything like it and my searches are not getting me any additional info. He is in quarantine fyi and the 2 hens he arrived with have no issues going on, although I am housing them separate at the moment to be on the safe side.

Please any suggestions would be appreciated.

his eye

I sure hope somebody comes through that can help. I am no neurologist but it seems like a head injury. Have you contacted the seller about it? They may have a clue. I would be devastated. I got a silkie that looks alot like him a few weeks back and he is terrified. He freaks out everytime he gets fed. I have to move very slowly to keep him from hurting himself.

Good luck, i'll be watching this thread.
Im sorry about your roo and that no one has helped you out.

I have no idea what is wrong with him.

But he seems to have some kind of damage.

You say he was shipped. Maybe during shipping he was banged around badly. Or the other birds he was shipped with trampled him.

He is acting like one of my cats from when I was a kid. He got inside of a car and got hit in the head with a fan belt. And after that he could only walk in circles.. After awhile he started to walk straighter. But never was normal again.

I sure hope your roo comes out of it..

Has the seller ever had a disease or sick bird in their flock. If they have ever. He may have had an underliying problem that the stress of shipping brought out.
I watched all the videos again. And it appears that he is using both of his legs. And both wings move. So there couldnt be to much damage to a leg or wing.

But he seems really off balanced and a bit confused maybe. When your off balance it is much easier to shuffle backwards instead of go forwards..

Maybe you should trim a bit of fuzz from around his eyes so he can see better. Might help him balance him self better.

Try to keep him calmer. Fed and keep him from hurting himself.

I would also contact the breeder.

I sure hope he snaps out of it.
Awww Susan thats breaking my heart for you guys! I am by far an expert but I agree that something neurological is going on. Whats makes you so sure he was 100% fine before he left wherever you got him from? I only ask because if it wasn't from getting terribly bonked around during shipment, something had to have caused it. Have you thought about cutting his top notch feathers He is gorgeous but if I wear in this situation I would do it only to relieve the stress of not being able to see his new surroundings. Take some good photos of him prior to cutting, so others can see what he looks like fully feathered, so when it comes time to sell eggs or what not, they know what he looks like before-those who know you, trust you. I would buy Lav eggs from you from a bald roo! Ill do some searching around and see if I can find anything about this-in the mean time I honestly dont know of anything else to help..Im sorry..Nat~
Looks neurological to me. I would probably also cut his top notch and see if it is just because he can't see very well and his new surroundings have him a bit nervous.
I have went through that with a roo also, it most likely is neurological. Mine got sick and completely paralyzed from eating poison mushrooms. He got better but he had to relearn how to walk just like a child. With a silkie and if he has a vaulted skull it could have come from a trauma. Fungus also can cause the same symptoms.

I would start him on vitamins and probiotics, he may get better or worse, but it is completely possible for him to survive, and recover. Even if he gets completely paralyzed.

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