The Moonshiner's farewell to Leghorns

What should Moony do?

  • Quit this nonsense thinking and stick with the Leghorn breeding.

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  • Forget the Leghorns and stick with this new awesome project breed

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The Moonshiner

Legendary Leghorns
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Nov 17, 2016
Isn't that actually how many bags of feed you truck in at a time?
:lau I wish. Then I'd only have to go every couple weeks.
Usually 20 to 25 bags. At 24 or 25 it can make trying to get stopped pretty exciting some times.
Hell sometimes even hard corners are fun.


Jan 24, 2021
I also am celebrating my birthday today. 62 years and counting.

Yes, re Asiatics being the source of the yellow leg trait, but that does not change the fact that chickens 2000 years ago all had white legs nor does it change the fact that yellow legs give a small survival advantage in very cold climates. For another perspective, look at comb type and consider how much influence it has on cold tolerance. Small physical changes have major impacts. Slightly larger physical size, non-single comb, and yellow legs are consistent traits of breeds developed in and kept in northern climates. That doesn't mean you cant keep single comb leghorns in Canada.

I am feeding roughly 150 chickens currently with roughly 3 bags of feed per week. It adds up at about $11 per bag. I also feed corn, especially in winter when they can use the extra starch.
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