The most amazing gift!!!! Thank you LisaAnnW!!


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13 Years
Feb 2, 2011
So... I have been putting off this announcement until I could show some photos... but with the day coming tomorrow, today I recieved the most awesome, amazing, stupendous, fabulous, generous, sweetest, WONDERFUL gift EVER!!!! I have to tell you all about it! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH LISA!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa and her daughter got me an amazing new SADDLE PAD for my NEW HORSE!!!!!!!!!!!
This Saddle Pad is even better than the ones I was looking at online and absolutely perfect for Bear! I've never seen a better one

Its called a Limpit... exceedingly squishy and says it is friction free.. it bonds to the saddle to keep it from shifting... cleanable, the perfect size.. and soooo squishy I know Bears back will appreciate this pad! I could use it as a pillow!
When mom brought it to me, I bounced around in the living room giggling and squishing the pad! Hehe!

I dont even know them and they did this wonderful thing for me. It is unbelievably generous and I dont know how I can ever repay them or how to thank them properly. I want to start though... by inviting you both to come out and visit Bear and try the new saddle pad out yourselves! He will need some time to get settled in... and get used to the cows next door too, LOL.. but I'd love you guys to see your wonderful gift in person and the one who benefits most from it.. Bear Bear.. and I'd love to meet you
So Please say you will come!

I might as well go post the news about Bear over in the Other Pets area now... But here are some short little videos (taken by the farm I'm getting him from) of the wonderful horsie who is going to appreciate this amazing gift even more than me!

(Did I mention how excited I am about Bear??!!)
So jealous!!! I'm Born and Race in Puerto Rico...Paso fino is a national sport!!!! I've been wanting a Paso before I even wanted chickens....but the chickens fit better in my city backyard!! hahahaha Congrats you guys!!! Very happy for you!!!!
You would love our story then Juan about Becky's (Squishy) first paso .....she showed her in the nationals and there was 30 or more horses entered in her class...her mare was a buckskin pinto .....she was bought back in for the second cut and actually got 3rd place and David Love's daughter (the famous golfer on her $100.000 horse daddy bought her and trainer handed over at the last minute) was soooooo pisssed she was even in the running
I could see the look on her face as she was astounded that a pinto paso even got that far.
Then another show...the puerto rico peeps asked her to carry the about standing ovation! never forget it...never.... most awesome moment in my life
come ride anytime ...would be fantastic....perminate invite
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