The Muscovy Male or Female Guessing Game 😁


May 5, 2020
Hello lovely backyard chickeners 😄
I have 3 month old ducklings. Reared by Pip my female Muscovy.
So are these male or female? They’re still doing the duckling squeak. No hissing either. What do you think?

Thank you 😍

Ps. Bob is the dad and has loathed them all since they hatched.
Pps they’re bigger that Pip their mum. I think Pip is quite small for a female Muscovy.


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Hard to tell from the photos. Perhaps C is female judging from the photo where duck C is sitting down. But overall, I think you have three boys.

By 8 weeks old, female muscovy are fully grown, but male muscovy carry on growing.

Females, like Pip, are always smaller and more delicate.

If your ducks are all the same size at 12 weeks old, they are likely the same sex.

Girls really should be bubbling/gurgling away to each other by 12 weeks old. My muscovy drakes didn't start the sighing and opening their beaks with their heads back , "catching flies" until they were older maybe 16 weeks,
Well Bob hasn’t tried to mate any of them; I would’ve thought if they were females he would be after them.
I thought they looked like three drakes. I was hoping for a female xx

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