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  1. NanaLynn

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    Nov 1, 2012
    I currently have 13 hens and they are 10 weeks old:

    1 White Leghorn
    1 Buff Orpington
    2 Rhode Island Red
    3 Barred Rocks
    1 Silver Laced Wyandotte
    2 Easter Eggers
    1 Columbian Wyandotte
    1 Dominque
    1 Blue Cochin

    Next week I am getting 9 more new chicks, hopefully all pullets:
    1 Black Australorp
    1 Golden Laced Polish
    1 Light Brown Leghorn
    1 Welsummer
    1 White Rock
    1 Salmon Faverolle
    1 Golden Lakenvelder
    1 Golden Laced Wyandotte
    1 Surprise Chick
  2. BlueMouse

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    Mar 5, 2013
    Esperance NY
    My flock consists of:

    2 buff orpingtons, a rooster and a hen. 1 year old.
    1 EE who lays pink. (she's blue, yellow legs, single comb. I have no idea what she was mixed with, but she's beautiful) 1 year old.
    1 10 week old Cuckoo marans
    1 9 week old non standard color purebread Ameracauna (EE)
    1 9 week old leghorn pullet
    1 9 week old gold sexlink (We think) pullet
    1 9 week old produciton red of undetermined sex.
    1 7 week old bantam something (maybe cochin) with fluffy feet.

    meat chicks and guineas arrive soon!
  3. Kassaundra

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    Sep 1, 2010
    I can't keep up w/ how old I am let alone my chickens!

    We have about 23 chickens
    3 roos 1 EE, 1NN, 1 araucauna (a real one rumpless tufted)

    20 hens all under 3 years EE, NN, NN mixes w/ houdans, NN mixed w/ spitzhauben, NN mixed w/ australop, and NN mixed w/ maybe deleware??? not sure

    have 28 eggs that are hatching today and 16 out so far all mixes of the above meantioned birds.
  4. NanaLynn

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    Nov 1, 2012
    Thank you, that was what I was wondering if they'd be able to control the growth in the area, so far the grass inside the area is staying shorter then the grass outside the fence, so I guess it's working. I am fine if it goes down to just bare soil. If it does I'll just fence another area for them. Thanks for your advice and pics!
  5. NanaLynn

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    Nov 1, 2012
    I have this romantic couple that likes to roost in a tree right above my coop and run and fly around the neighborhood. They appear to be very much in love with each other, I never knew owls kissed? (see pic)

    My question is, I keep hearing about hawks, falcons, etc. How much of a threat are these owls? My chicks are pretty big now and they are locked up at night, so is there a big worry about owls attacking them? Or will they only attack at night?

    Thanks, Lynn



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  6. Leahs Mom

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    Feb 9, 2012
    Northern Indiana
    Fun for the day (reposted from the IN thread)

  7. Shan30

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    Sep 17, 2012
    Vancouver island
    For integrating youngsters with the flock.

    I wonder if it would make things smoother if a rooster from the main flock was put in with the young ladies for a while. Then once he had decided they were his you could put them in with everyone else and at least they would have a bodyguard.

    Just a thought, may not work of course!
  8. Pozees

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    Jul 8, 2012
    Pueblo, CO
    My flock is not in its final configuration (but really, whose is?), but at the moment:

    Laying Flock:
    1 Hatchery Blue Cochin, a year old, who has gone broody and is sitting on a Black Silkie and 2 Fogle RIR eggs and doing a FABULOUS job, bless her heart
    2 Hatchery Speckled Sussex 11 months old

    In the new coop:
    10 Egyptian Fayoumis (4 cockerels and 6 pullets) (Cackle Hatchery)
    5 adult Silkies (Blue cock, 2 Black hens, 1 Light Partridge hen 1 Dark Partridge hen) (SilkieSensations)
    5 juvenile Silkies (1 Porcelain, 1 Splash, 1 Black prob split to Lavender, 2 White) (Catdance)
    several Cuckoo Marans (Cackle Hatchery), a couple of New Hampshire pullets (McMurray), and 4 Black Silkie youngsters (McMurray) that will be going to a swap May 4th

    In the brooder:
    25 Albritton Speckled Sussex (gorgeous)
    4 BBS Cochins (LF - hatched from shipped eggs, ebay) (2 Black, 1 Blue, 1 Silvery White, will try to get pics soon, I am liking them so far)
    4 RIR (1 Fogle 3 Greathorse)
    3 Shyscreations Silkie chicks (2 Splash 1 Partridge)

    In the incubator:
    10 Buttercup eggs (Waltz's Ark)
    13 Fogle RIR eggs
    12 Black Silkie eggs (emvrickey)
    8 Silkie eggs laid by the adult group mentioned above

    Brooder and Incubator chicks are all subject to evaluation before I decide what to keep and what to sell, and that decision probably won't be made for months. I want to give them time to grow and show themselves

    Wish List:
    RC Leghorns any color other than white (predators)
    White Silkie hen(s)
  9. delisha

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    Oct 13, 2012
    Racine, WI -
    My Coop
    They are waiting for an oppertunity...they eat any time dinner..lunch..or breakfast... is available. Most Owls hunt at night..not all do. These look like barred Owls and they love day hunting..and chicken!!
    hmmm...I would say it depends on the breed of male, and age of young ones. If they are POL's that is a great idea!! Some males would be pretty upset with being taken away from his girls and flock and put with a less group unless it was for breeding purposes.
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  10. delisha

    delisha Overrun With Chickens

    Oct 13, 2012
    Racine, WI -
    My Coop

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