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    Afton Swap Meet
    Third weekend of the month and holiday weekends.

    Blanchard, OK J&J Auction
    Second and Fourth Saturday of the month.
    Starts at 5:00 pm
    At the Blanchard FFA Building 2500 S. County Line Rd.
    Jerry 405-623-9293 or Jim 405-812-7552
    (The FFA is using their building this weekend so there will not be an auction at Blanchard until the 2nd Saturday in March, March 10.)

    Country Side Auction (Chandler, Ok)
    Misc sale starts at 2
    Chickens and rabbits at 3
    Hay at 4
    Goats and sheep at 5
    For more info or directions call Wayne at 1(405)615-7065

    Chupps Auction (Inola)
    First Saturday each month
    412 hwy 35 miles thereabouts E of Tulsa. Sale starts at 8. Must show license to get bidders number. Last sale there was around and over 1000 chickens, 2 dz turkeys, maybe 3 dz rabbits maybe 2 dz guinea, maybe 50 ducks, maybe 40 geese. A separate gun goes on at the same time there selling animals and farm stuff. Then a vehicle auction. A good dozen places to eat, from turkey legs, ect. to Amish home made pies and cookies.

    Coweta, OK
    Wagoner County Fairgrounds
    Poultry Auction (only poultry, rabbits, and their related items)
    Starting Feb 17th
    Consigning starts at noon.
    Contact Robert at 918-575-0015 or Jon at 918-575-0745

    Crozier Auctions
    Robert Crozier [email protected]
    The first Coweta auction will be February 17th. We are planning the 3rd Friday in Coweta thru May.
    [As far as I know, the auction will be at the fair grounds in Coweta. If he's sticking to the format he's using at the Stilwell auction, birds can be consigned starting at 11:30 and the sale starts at 6:00 p.m. <-- This is an assumption on my part.]

    Durant, OK
    John Teel's Poultry Auction
    On the opposite side of the road, between the J.C.Potter's Sausage plant and the Bible Baptist Church. In Durant but towards Blue, OK.
    First and third Tuesday of the month
    Some farm items sell outside at 6:00 pm, poultry starts in-doors at 7:00 pm

    Eastern Okla.
    Brushy Mountain Auction Barn
    1st & 3rd Friday at 7 pm (Poultry and animals only)
    2nd & 4th Saturday - Poultry at noon with yard sale/junk to follow
    On highway 59 north
    Auctioneer is Kenny Brewer 918-776-5459
    Take the first Sallisaw exit, turn left, turn right at second stop light, turn left at fourth stop light (wheeler and Cherokee), then go north about 5-7 miles.

    Guthrie (S. Guthrie / N. Edmond)
    Livestock & Poultry Sale Saturday 10-15-11
    Saturday 8 am to Noon
    Goats, Guineas, Quail, Old English Bantams, Chicks...
    Call or Text 405.593.3361 for more info or early buying

    Harrah, OK
    First and third Fridays of November and December (new dates for the new year)
    Misc., cages, etc. starts at 5:30. Eggs and poultry to follow.
    About four miles East of Harah just off of hwy 62. Turn South on Countyline road and go 1 mi. There will be signs from there.
    Cages for the birds are provided.

    Idabel, OK Auction
    Monthly sale at 6:00 pm
    For Poultry and other animals

    Jones stock auction
    Thursday nights at 6:00 pm
    This is primarily a horse, goat, and tack auction, but may have rabbits and/or chickens

    Joplin, MO Swap Meet
    First Saturday of the month

    Kellyville, OK Poultry Swap Meet
    1st and 3rd Saturdays, Beginning April 2, 2011.
    This swap meet is for folks who want to buy, sell or trade healthy animals, both small and large, farm equipment, vehicles, tractors, feeders, horse tack, plants, lawn equipment. Water and cover must be provided for all the critters.
    LOCATION: (The old Kellyville Chicken Fight Barn off Slick Road)
    19926 S. 209 W. Ave.
    Space is still available for vendors with animals, produce, farm equipment, trucks and trailers, tools, etc.
    $5.00 set-up fee for April 2nd. No commission.
    For more information contact: 918-695-0019

    Midwest City
    Mary's Swap Meet
    Every Saturday and Sunday
    Corner of NE 23rd and Midwest Blvd

    Maud Auction
    Every Thursday
    Misc. sells at 5:00 pm, Goats at 7:00, and poultry follows

    Monroe, OK Poultry Auction
    6:00 pm
    Located on the left side of hwy between Monroe and Howe...2 1/2 miles (approx.) from junction of hwy 59/270 and hwy 83.
    PN# 918-658-2378

    Newcastle, OK
    P&H Poultry Auction
    First and third Saturdays
    Sale starts at 5:00 pm
    For more information call Jamie at 405-426-0911 or Scoots at 405-387-6092 or contact BYC member phpoultrysales
    (Take I-44 to the Newcastle exit. Go past the casino on Hwy 62 West. Going toward Blanchard. Go past the Sonic. On the left will be a park then on top of the hill will be the auction location - the fairgrounds.
    OR go thru Blanchard on Hwy E to Newcastle. Then on the right you will see the fairgrounds. If you go past park you missed it.)

    Noble, OK
    Tuesday nights

    Okmulgee Livestosk auction
    It is not a poultry auction but there are getting to be more chickens sold there. The last sale had 150.

    Perkins, OK
    Guy Rose Poultry Auction
    Every Saturday
    9:30 am
    Located about 3 mi. north of Hwy 33 on 177, just south of Stillwater

    Prague Exotic Auction
    Every other month, dates vary
    Next auction Sept 17 and 18, 2010
    Swap meet on Friday, auction on Saturday starting at 10:00 am
    PN# 405-612-5856 or 405-612-5019

    Purcell, OK
    Every Saturday
    At the Purcell sale barn
    Auction starts at noon, but individuals sell items starting at 8:00 am
    This is more of a farm and small animal auction, with occasional poultry

    Ryan, OK
    Fourth Saturday of the month
    Sale starts at 5 pm with anything poultry related, or come at 11 am for non-poultry consignment sale
    Call Ray for more details 940-631-0839
    (Non-poultry sale usually lasts 3-5 hours and Poultry Sale lasts 3-4 hours)

    Stilwell Auction
    Poultry Auction Friday May, 6th at the Adair County Fairgrounds.
    Consignments taken from 11:30-5:30 sale starts at 6pm.
    Commission is 20%
    The fairgrounds are located at the Adair State Park on Hwy 51 E.
    For more info call Robert Crozier at 918-575-0015

    Vinita Poultry Auction
    at the Fairgrounds in a building with heat and a/c
    February 17th, 5:30 pm
    This will be their second auction of the year. Hugh turnout at last month's, lots of buyers and sellers.
    Contact Lester Miller at 918-533-6404

    Yates Center, Kansas
    K & L Exotic Animal and Bird Auction
    October 9th and 10th is the next auction, it is held three times per year
    The website for more information is

    Auctions that are now canceled, as far as I know:

    Muskogee Poultry Auction. Muskogee fairgrounds show barn. Friday March 18 at 6 pm. Supplies start at 6 pm Poultry starts at 7 pm. Consignment check-in starts at 2 pm. No PO fee. Cash only. No checks. ATM available nearby. Call (918) 869-9999 or (918) 519-0400. This auction only happened twice, and there are currently no plans for it to start back up.

    Fletcher Poultry Auction. Third and Fifth (when there is one) Saturday of every month. 5:00 pm. There is no "pull out" PO fee, and only a 10% commission on all sales. The auction is located just before the railroad on the left hand side. Look for the green and white vinyl banner. From I-44 go 5mi. north on Hwy 277 from Exit #53, and turn east on N Drive. From 277 just follow 277 S until the "WildCat Express" Drive thru and turn east on N Drive. For More Directions call 405-664-5645

    Alex, OK. Rockin' G Animal Auction. Second and Fourth Saturday of the month. The sale starts at 7 pm with the Poultry & Supplies then the Misc Consignments. In the Alex FFA Building right off Hwy 19. If you have any questions call 405-226-2817 or email [email protected]

    Blanchard, OK. An auction that recently added poultry to the list of thing they sell. First and Third Saturday of the month. At the Blanchard FFA Building 2500 S. County Line Rd. Animals sell at 10% commission, and drop-offs are accepted starting at 9 am. Trevor Evans 405-245-2117 or Chris Chapman 405-808-3107 or 405-370-8967. Note: Not associated with the other auction at this same location

    Lexington Auction. Every Monday. Starts at 7:00 pm. Commission is 15%. Evans Sale Barn 10301 Flat Armadillo Rd. (2 mi. east, 2 mi. south, and 1.5 mi. east of Lexington). For more information call Trevor at 405-245-2117 or Jim at 405-826-8631

    Cement Auction. First and third Saturday of each month. 5 pm (consignment starts at noon)

    Chouteau Poultry Auction
    Kenny Kvittum (BYC member "Langshanman") is the auctioneer.
    Second Sunday of the month.
    The auction starts at 1:00 pm, and the cages sell with the birds.
    It's held in the previous auction building - white concrete block building on the S side of Old Hwy 33, just about 1mi. E of Hwy 69 in the south end of Chouteau.

    Walters, OK
    on Main St.
    Chickens will sale 7 pm Monday April 9
    Consignment starts 4. ---- they said they will allow misc stuff but it will sale 6-7 anything not yet sold will go to the end.
    After April the auction will be 1st Monday of the month

    Elgin, OK
    Porter Hill Auction
    11920 HWY 62
    Trying to do an auction the 3rd Saturday of the month every month. March-17-12 will be the first auction. Put out 1500 flyers but have no idea what to expect.
    Registration begins at 4
    Auction starts at 6
    Coming from Lawton it should be on left side of road before you turn toward Elgin or Lake Ellsworth.

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    Thanks to buckguy20 for previously keeping up with this list!
    If anyone notices any wrong or missing information, please let me know! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Grace - this is fantastic! I have "subscribed" to this thread so that I will get an email each time someone posts to this thread.
    May I suggest including the information that I added in bold on your first post - since the location or how to find the auction is one of the first things we all want to know [​IMG]
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    Great, I will update my post! I knew there was missing information, but I didn't know what to put [​IMG] You really helped [​IMG]
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    Tulsa, OK
    Here's another one - in Newcastle, OK

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    Thanks, Beth [​IMG] I added that to my list, and also updated the info on the Alex auction...
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    Grace, Thanks so much for doing this. It looks great!

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    You're welcome! [​IMG]
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    I was under the impression the Jones sale had been shut down more than a year ago? Is it going again?

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