The NFC B-Day Chat Thread


Crossing the Road
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Jul 2, 2019
Smith County TN
Congratulations to you and your family @sourland . Nice to have some good news!

@CapricornFarm did you go to the ER? I hope you start feeling better soon :hugs

@Grammy60 that Todd is about the prettiest color I've ever seen. So creamy :love

Sorry to hear about the kitty, Debby. Abandoned sad.
Thanks Meg 😍 he's a big attention hog if you know what I mean 😁 I do believe he would sit and get rubbed forever 😂


BYC Staff
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Dec 12, 2013
Can you leave some shelter for him, box blanket food. It's not safe to travel :(
If this little guy is anything like other strays that have shown up, he'll hole up in a cabinet in the garage. I did see his footprints headed that direction. And earlier I put out a bowl of dried cat food which he promptly devoured.

Good evening Marie 🙂 how was your day ? I've been busy cleaning all Todd's hair from all the carpets 😵 and other housework .

Hope your days been more exciting than mine.
Ugh, pet hair...that's something we never get caught up on with 3 inside cats.

I drink at least 6 , 17 oz bottles of H20 daily. And I did take vit c today. Spiced tea sounds good.
How are you feeling Cap? Did you see anyone at the ER?

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