The NFC B-Day Chat Thread


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Feb 1, 2010
Southern Virginia
It's so hard to sort through someone's lifetime of memories! My mom is still alive, but she and my dad moved to my house when his cancer returned. They brought all of their worldly possessions with them. She is now living with my sister and will never use the things she left at my house, so we are slowly going through things for her, but there are things I just can't get rid of yet! That's okay though, I'd rather keep her stuff as that means she's still here for us to enjoy!
Most of the stuff my parents had was junk they collected off the curbs or at yard sales. Nothing interesting or old. I did keep my Dad's telegraph key, Mom's sewing machine from 1955. Mom is still alive, but has Alzheimer's. Makes me so sad.


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May 3, 2009
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Good morning Sour!

We're trying to purge our kids and my parents stuff...then I can see what I have left of my own to purge! I will have a lot of free space, once I get rid of everything that isn't ours!
I actually took a week of vacation to clear the house. They rented from an aunt who was being a super 'B' about wanting the house emptied.

It's so hard to sort through someone's lifetime of memories!
We had an auctioneer come in to conduct an estate sale for what was not tossed or donated. I thought that I could deal with it, but as each item came up for bid along came a memory. Destroyed me emotionally.


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Jul 2, 2019
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afternoon everyone :frow
was in a hurry this morning cause we had to go pick up a trailer box we bought this week and while hitting delete on the computer and wouldn't you know, it was byc and i hit spam by mistake and didn't know it til i got an email telling me, just got back on:celebrate
Good afternoon Sharron 🙂 hope your having a good day!!

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