The odd things chickens do...

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Aug 13, 2007
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I had the hose out to my sugarcane patch yesterday and the leak in it chanced to end up right in front of the yard hen's cedar tree hangout. As I was coming back from moving the sprinkler I noticed one of the hens playing in the spray from the leak. At least that was what I thought she was doing.


What it turned out she was really doing was drinking from it! I watched for a couple of minutes as she got herself a good long drink from her own little fountain. Another hen came and did the same. I often run the hose past their tree so now I'm wondering how long they've been doing this.

Now I think I'll give them a go with a nipple waterer and see how they take to it.

What sort of odd or unexpected behaviors do you see with your birds? Post pictures!
Well, I didn't have time to take a picture, but our chickens chased a rabbit up the street the other day! They are obsessed with my husband's cocker spaniel and stalk him like lovesick teenagers. I should really get a picture of that :)

What clever chickens you have! Bet they enjoy the spray too. How fun that you are growing sugar cane! Do you use it as you would commercial sugar? Not something we grow in WA :)
As a newbie to chickens, I find that almost everything they do is funny! I never thought that they would be this entertaining to just sit and watch. I call it "Chicken TV". My girls are almost 8 weeks old now. One question I have is how to take a good picture?! They move so fast and are still pretty leery of me so picking them up with one hand and trying to take a picture with the other has proven to be almost impossible. Any suggestions from the veteran BYC folks out there?
Askew hates my orange hat.

I was amused on how young chickens could find any defect and attack it.

I love chicken yoga

Chickens are simply fun entertainment!
How fun that you are growing sugar cane!  Do you use it as you would commercial sugar?  Not something we grow in WA :)
Almost. It's used for making cane syrup. Once the juice is expressed the process is akin to making maple syrup. Boil it down until it is thick all the while skimming it to remove impurities. It's something of an art, but the results can be delicious.

If one wanted to boil it down still further it would solidify when cool. Then you would have raw sugar. The sugar you buy in the grocery store starts that way and is then put through considerable refining to get the snowy white crystals we all know (and love).
I walked out one day to find my cream legbar having a nice snooze with the silkie's bum on her head!!!!!!!
Last fall a cat was running it went to our chicken coop and got the scare of her life. my rooster was there and one look and it did a back flip and ran away
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